Sunday, October 29, 2006


Working on some more Christmas cards this afternoon, I am trying to make some cards next with not Christmas colors. Bleu-wie is chattering away, so nice.

off to work now, more cards to make.


OK, something went wrong last night with my post, Don't know exactly what happened but only the title is in my blog.
To busy working on my San Diego album I guess.
We went to SD somewhere in the beginning of summer and had a blast, of course I took a ton of pictures and finally I got around to scrap them.
It is so much fun to see them back after a while.

now I have to gear up to go and carve some pumpkins, too bad they only last for a couple of days.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

San Diego

In the beginning of Summer we visited San Diego.
Loved it, it is so beautiful there!

Of course I came back with a ton of pictures, that begged to be scrapped, so this afternoon I finally had time to scrap them, or at least make a beginning with it. So here it is, the beginning of the SD album.

And in between I just had to make a Christmas card, I am still working on what kind of card to send this year!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


We had to write a bookreport for school today, not me, but Tycho of course.
He read the book, made the pre- write and then the first draft.
Then we have to correct the mistakes, and try to decipher what he has written down.
Sometimes he doesn't even know.
But we have finished it, wow!!
it took a lot of talking and the usual "hey, stop playing with that, and pay attention"
Now we have to find a subject for his current event report, due on Monday.
So tomorrow I get a newspaper and Tycho finds a article that interest him, we discuss it and then he has to write about it.
The piece has to be that long that if you give the report in front of the classroom it has to be about two to three minutes.
and believe me that is a lot of writing for an eight year old.

On a different note, I went to the hairdresser this morning and got a fancy (a lot shorter) haircut, and a very cool color.
Uhm, that is two colors, looks cool to me, next time I want three colors!!
Tomorrow pictures again, I promise.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creepy crawlers
I took these pictures in the spring, with my lensbaby and the macro on it.
I am reading the 52 projects book, so much fun, makes me really think about things

So the book made me think of these pictures, I just love the colors and the amazement of coming up close with that tiny spider and an ant.
The book gives you all kind of projects to do, and you can give them your own spin to.
Can't wait to work on it some more tomorrow.
Anyway, it was bookfair at school today, it was so busy during lunch, that the line was to long to get everybody into the classroom on time. Some kids have to come back tomorrow to get their books.
We all love books, and T reads a lot, just like me when I was a kid, before falling asleep at night I had to read.
Sometimes I fell asleep while reading, sending me to my room as form of punishment was never a good option, I did not mind at all.
My sister was the opposite, she did not like it at all being send to her room.
Ha, thinking of my childhood brings back memories.
Going to do something crafty tonight, have to make my chirstmas cards before I run out of time.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Love the fall colors in our backyard, only downside is, we have to rake the leaves!!

Brusselsprouts, a vegetable

We had brusselsprouts for dinner, that went well (not!!) I love them and when I did my groceries this morning they where calling my name from the fresh vegetable's section. Not a good idea. All the comments that where said during dinner, not a good idea to repeat them here, but it all came down to this, don't ever cook that again! Okay, I just wait until I visit my parents again and add those to the "away from home" menu. Together with Sauerkraut (yum!) and beets (cold with a diced onion) . So far my Monday, now to figure out what to put on the menu for tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My little man swinging.

Just another lazy Sunday at our house. Yesterday I spend the day in bed and on the couch, mayor headache will do that for me. but today I am feeling much better and we just had fun around the house.
Tycho and I made some gift packaging out of empty containers. T used his for his crayons, my boy has the same love for the basic grey papers his mom has, and whenever I have leftovers that is the paper he goes for.

We went to the park and played for a little bit, and once home T decided he wanted to play with the hose in the garden. Oh the joys of having a mom with a camera! you have to love the weather here, it is mid- October and still warm enough to play outside and get soaked.

I am watching bridezillas right now, totally funny, just can not believe how everything just has to go right and go of at other people.
relax and enjoy the wedding, it is supposed to be a fun day.
But hey, that is my point of view, and we got married on a monday morning at 10 ! LOL.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We had spaghetti feed at school today, lot's of fun and sure lot's of food. The spaghetti was great, took a big portion home, guess what we are having for lunch tomorrow......

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My little friend, named blue-wie, Yes we do know he is yellow. In the store Tycho picked him out of the cage where he was with all his other friends. When we asked him if he knew a name, he named him Blue-wie. And so it is. He is a very friendly little bird. And he is keeping me company in my scraproom every day, and maybe one of these days he will even start talking instead of the very loud tjirping. In the evening he climbs back into his cage and starts mumbling in himself, sooo cute, I love that sound.

I made a cute skeleton for the front door Yesterday, dressed her up with a skirt and gave her a bow on her skull. When I showed my work of to kid and husband, T said, "mom, skeletons never are girlie".

Sunday, October 15, 2006

We had a wonderful afternoon, playing monoply, the kids version.
Lot's of fun, Tycho had a winning streak and was very pleased we kept paying rent on his houses. His where the blue ones, we ran out of blue houses so ended up with blue and red houses.
you have to love a trampoline in the house, I took some pic's of T jumping.
The sun is shining and it is a wonderful day.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Halloween lights, love it, so colorful, we serious need some pumpkins, I can't wait to carve them a couple of days before Halloween.

T and his best friend are having a blast with their sleepover.
I made pizza tonight and boy was I lucky I turned out so good, the boys ate a lot.
Now they are in bed, and playing with their gameboys.
In a minute it is lights out and hopefully they will go to sleep soon.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Did this Lay-out last night, I wanted to test my letter stamps, and saw this pic at the top of my pile. Love this picture, it makes me smile. In second grade they practice a poem of a pig. So Precious visited school. Whoever came up with the name I don't know, but I really like it. It is so fitting for this wel behaved pig. The kids where asking questions, love those questions. My favorite was "where is her Husband?". I was lucky to be at school that day, I did not have pictures of the pig that visited Tycho's class last year, we ended up running al over the shoolyard because that pig decided she was not going back in the trailer. I bet her name was not precious!!

Looking forward to this evening, scrapping the night away, tv tuned in on the new series "Men in trees" sooooo funny. And I can't wait for the finale of project Runway, did Jeffrey sent out his clothes or not...... Oh, wel Carry on....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

just playing around on the computer.

What a third grade teacher can do to my mood, a lot!!!
I am almost FUMING, T got a progress report today.
With a big X behind the sentence "He/She is having problems"
OK, what problems, we know there is a problem with writing it is really bad.
But no, writing was not the problem. After re-reading the bit confusing note T is improving his concentration during class. He is now less often distracted with little play things in and around his desk. And his book report for September was late (!!???Huh)
The biographers was going to be a class project, and was not a home assignment.
And he turned in his biographers, I was a witness to that.
Ever been in a classroom with 20 third graders?
Do you really think they all sit perfectly still?? Come on, I can think of other things than calling that behavior problems!!
Oke, while I am on a roll, T has to do about 40 minutes worth of homework every day, has to write a bookreport (this month it is not a class project) and a current event report every month, by november has to know his multiplications up to 6 forward and backwards.

Well, my complaining is over, just got of the phone with his best friends mom, her son had even three crosses, and she upset to.
Made me feel a little bit better!!

And, my new stamps and my Hambly studio paper came in!!!!!!
I feel some serious scrapping time coming on this evening.
A big pot of coffee, my scrapping suplies and the tv tuned in on Project Runway!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just another day in our household, dropped T of at school ran some errands and went home. Of course I just had to get something out of the pantry while on the phone and knocked over a carton of powdered sugar. Poof, nice, I am such a clumsy person. Runs in my family, oh the stories we can tell about my mom, and yes I look like in the goof- department. Maybe I need to make a little album about all those moments, hers and mine, and whenever we are in need of a good laugh we can just open the book and read.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My first post ever!!

What a good way to keep my family who all live in Holland up-to date on how we are doing.

and of course give everybody a view of my photography and scrapbooking andventures. With this first post a couple of pics I took at the beach. Love going there, love the wind, waves and the sand, especially in this time of the year. I so love the fall and winter!

Maybe it is my Dutch roots, but I love the coloring of the leaves, the windy weather, thick scarves and knitted sweaters and coffee!!