Sunday, December 31, 2006

Done !

Yes, my sock is finished!!! only one, and the other one has to wait until I knitted the boys socks. I started with the biggest pair, no fancy patterns please was the request. Oh, well, I made it into a fancy rib pattern. (boring..........................) T on the other hand saw a pattern that I had with skulls on it, so that is going to be the next pair , if I can find out how many stitches to cast on. It also has matching mittens and a hat. And he wants a hat of course.

The question is, "how fast can you make me one, mom?"

We are counting down the hours for new year, T wants to stay awake and toast with us. Last time he begged to go to bed, he was so tired.
This is my last blog for this year, see you next year!!

Friday, December 29, 2006


My sock is growing, the heel is done, and now I am going for the toe. Next project, sock number two (ha, to keep both my feet warm) And now this, T has home work to do, beside his book report and his current event report and two art projects, there is this.
It is a short history of the Celebration of Christmas around the world. One of them is Holland.
Well, I grew up there and never have seen a Zwarte Piet or "black Peter" like this one!
And that is not all, according to the story that goes with this, Dutch people say " Zalig Kerstfeest" when they see Sinterklaas.....................?
this is only the mistake they made for Holland, In south Africa they say according to GERMAN traditions "salig kersfees" introduced by Queen Victoria ????????? HUH, did I miss something at my history lessons?
No need to say, some corrections will accompany this homework.

The coloring in this work is great, regarding that T is totally not into any art whatsoever.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Knitting and Grandma's

Knitting away tonight, two more sections and then I can start the heel.
I love knitting socks, little needles and the more work in the sock the better.
The same goes for hats, and I already am planning my next project.
I remember my Grandmother "oma Knalhutte" knitting socks, everybody got socks.
Always the same pattern and the same color.
simple, and straight, and the heel and toes knitted with double yarn for extra strength.
Last year my Aunt and Uncle, send me a pair that where never worn. Oma died when T was only three, and that pair of socks I save for him, as a legacy from his Great grandmother who he only met twice but still talks about.
I also started the holiday mini album this week, fun to do and while I still have some pic's to print, it is going to be finished before the end of the year. (that's my plan anyway)
We had a surprise phone call this morning, Agnes called all the way from Chili. It was so much fun talking to her and hearing all of her stories.
She is traveling all by herself though Chili and Argentina and doing some volunteer work. Very brave and adventurous, so far she is having fun and getting adjusted to the lifestyle.
Now back to my socks, my feet are getting cold!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This is our guest for these two weeks, Niner. He is very gentle and a very good guest. Usually he lives at school and in the weekends with the teacher, in the fourth grade Gate class. But because the teacher went on a little Trip this week and none of the parents volunteered to have Niner come over, he usually ends up here. I love rats, they are very intelligent and very lovable. We had two Driekus and Frederik. Driek lived up to the very old rat age of almost 4 years old. He died on Halloween night last year and if he had made it until Dec 7th that year he would have been 4. We got him when he was just 8 weeks old, and one of his brothers also became a classroom rat. That is how we got into "rat sitting" over the holidays.

It is very windy today, we went to the park to play soccer for a while but it was to windy. So we went home, made some hot cocoa and are just hanging out. I am going to put some socks on my knitting needles in a moment, anouther hat just finished. Maybe I'll post some pics of my soks in progress later.

Monday, December 25, 2006

To everyone, we wish you a very good Christmas day! From our home to yours...
and for me, I am going to enjoy the Da Vinci code on dvd right now, wonder if it is just as good as the book.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

almost Christmas

it is vacation time, T is happy to be home and hang out with us. playing games and watching TV. He and I drove over to trader Joe and got some bubbly blueberry juice and pirates booty, YUM.
And now the waiting game is on, what is Santa going to drop under our Christmas tree this year?

Friday, December 15, 2006

knitting stix

While working on the last batch of cards to send out, T walks in and asks if he can have some knitting sticks.
He wants to learn how to knit, can you teach me Mom??
Of course, so we sit down and to my surprise he quickly picks up and after one row he insists he does it all by himself.
It is going to be a scarf, so he can wear it to school after the Holidays. And "if I practice a lot, than I can knit faster than you mom, and then I will make scarves and socks and hats"
Wow, well first let's see how long this scarf is going to be.
And for the next half hour we work side by side, sharing a little small talk, until it is time to go to bed.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

lucky and Happy Feet

look what came today, a surprise I won from Making Memories!!! and I never ever win something. Wow, it totally made my day.

T and I went to see Happy Feet today, If you haven't seen this movie it is the best!!! It even made me cry. And the music is so good, and all those dancing penguins, amazing how they think about the story and make those movies. And we saw some previeuws of the new Harry Potter movie, we can not wait to see that one.

OK back to the holiday card rush.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is fright full

It has been more than a week from my last post, Sorry, but it has been a very busy week.
I am making the last of my X-mas cards and they go out by the end of the week! This weekend we were at the winery, and with the rain it made for huge mud puddles. The boys were playing in them and every night I go home we have to hose of Tycho in the garage and take straight to the shower. What is better for boys than play in the mud and get very (and it is VERY) dirty? On Saturday the boys decided to make a "clubhouse" and when it was done the two oldest boys sat inside while Kev, the youngest one decided to paint the outside. Bright idea, he got hold of a bucket of roofing tar. No need to tell you he was really, really, really dirty!

Some of the cards I made so far, I am very busy knitting too, everybody wants one of those hats i knitted, one parent from school asked me if I could knit her doggy a sweater! HA, isn't that funny?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

doggies in the park

went to the park this afternoon, and came across these two.
ahhhh, dogs I love them, their names, little and patches.

Cold outside

Finally it is cold outside, and I love it! It is nice an nippy in the morning, sun shining and I can see my own breath.
So nice to wear a sweater, have my knitting and curl up in front of the fireplace (if it actually would burn it would be even nicer) TV on my favorite channel and I knit the evening away.
Oh, and do not ask me what I was watching because I was counting stitches so, the TV is just there for the background noise.
And when I actually take a break it is on commercial..... oh, well.
For some reason the blog does not let me upload pictures, I'll try again later.
Something happened yesterday that blew me away, got me totally by surprise and I still can not believe people can do those things.
I was at school and of course volunteer sometimes, this time I opened car doors at the "drive through" to get the kids save out the car.
Here comes this mom, I open the backseat door, her kid jumps out and in the process knocks over the baby in the car seat. Baby was buckled in the car seat but the car seat was not buckled in the car.
The car seat and baby roll over, on the side, and it was a tiny baby, maybe a couple of weeks old.
While the mom puts up the car seat reaching from the front seat, I ask if she wants me to strap in the seat.
Her reply, "oh, no it is fine this way"
OK, huh......................... she asks me to close the door, and of she goes turning the corner.
I wonder what is she THINKING.
Maybe we need a police officer outside and open car doors, Ha!