Wednesday, March 28, 2007


T: Mom, can you name the triangles?
Me: what triangles??
T: well there are different kinds of triangles.
Me: eeeeeh, long time ago when I did remember this, but there is the "gelijk benige driehoek, rechthoekige drie.............
T: No Mom in English...
Me: nope I don't, so what are they??
T: Well, there is the Isosceles and the Scalene and of course the Equilateral.
Me: The last one that is the only one I understand, equal and lateral, gelijk benig (Ha) T: Do you think dad knows in English??
Me: I don't know, but you go and ask.
T: (comes running down after asking his dad) He said he knew, but he did not name them, and when he does that I know he just does not know!
Me: Yep, I think that's true.
So, just to put this in the category of the commercial we all love
Son goes to school , as of yet an undisclosed amount of money
Getting Son to and from school, a tank of gas, every week
Son outsmarting his dad....................Priceless!!!

And no matter how old you are, blowing bubbles is always loads of fun!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Some card making this weekend and some knitting, took a break from the socks and decided I needed some fingerless mittens.
One is finished and the second one almost!! Love the colors and hopefully I can wear them tomorrow morning while bringing T to school.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This little guy is my nephew, lately we have conversations over the phone. It are very good conversations, like the ones you need to have every once in a while, with no topic at all.
My sister puts the phone on speaker and then we just give those little high pitch ''squeals" at each other. He goes first, I answer. Fun, fun, fun, the higher the pitch the more fun. The nicest thing is that I can end the "conversation" and my poor sis is stuck with a screaming kid for a while. Hey, been there, done that. Now it is my turn to teach her kid the "fun" stuff!!!!! Just wait until we get our hands on that little booger (hahahahaha) For now we have to do it with phone calls. No need to thank me A, I made myself some thank you notes......................!

Also a sock update, yes there has been some knitting in this house! And because I am quickly bored with one sock I found a solution, knit another one with a different pattern, than go back to the last one. So these are my socks-in-progress for now. The little ones are going to "the-little-man-mentioned-above". The second one is in progress and knitted on size 3mm needles will be finished soon. The blue ones do not have an owner yet, they are about size 4 or 5 so I have to find a little girl for them.
The "big" ones are for me.............. size 0 needles, not going that fast, but growing slowly.

And I am proudly wearing these, they where finished a while ago, but I never got around to showing them. A very comfy pair by the way.

Whoohooo, I am aready eying some stockings for my next pair , the question is, is it going to be the Millicent or the Rhiannon. So let me know what pattern to decide on......

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Help, after yesterday our city of bionicles grew. So what to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon?
First T gets out the markers and draws a background, then we head outside to get some pictures of those "things-called-bionicles". Then we head to the computer to do some creative editing. The result is us fighting the "things". Just a fun project for today. Now back to some knitting...........

more music

Just for fun, more music that makes you happy!
Click here
the Sister Kate song is really good, and while you listen, dance like nobody is watching!
Happy Sunday.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Meet some of our family members, Bionicles. T's favorite toys and as of today he is the proud owner of this fierce bridge, and some little bionicles. We drove all the way to the Lego store this morning to pick out his present. We thought it was going to be a very long wait in the store, I remember when I was his age, it was so difficult to pick something when we went into the toy store. But it took only a couple of minutes, he knew what he wanted.
The weather here is so nice, we sat outside in the garden for a little while just before dinner. Love Spring, the flowers are blooming again and the trees are getting there leaves. And hey, I am still knitting socks. I figure that I have enough socks for next winter if I keep it up. When in my office I listen to my new favorite music. Click here to listen.
Only thing is T and J insist I close my door when the music plays, because of course I have to sing the songs out loud. But hey, singing makes happy even if my voice is nothing like KT.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

spit balls

Look what just came with the mail.
T's present from my aunt, Lego's for him and candy of course, loads of drop. But the best part what makes us really happy, Salmiak ballen and lollies. Some candy we do not have to share with other people, all out friends think of these as "Spitballs".
And how do we get to this name. First you offer somebody a candy, they taste it, and it is good at first but hey...... than comes the best part, the center. That is where the spit comes in. There are the really polite people who will friendly smile while turning bright red and swallow, and the "run to the sink or trash and spit out" kind.
T is playing with the Lego and is really happy, what can be better than coming home from school and there is a big box waiting for you on the doorstep.

Just perfect

Ha, on some days one can be so lucky.
I had to go to the grocery store to pick something up. There happens to be a card store next door, and it had a big "going out of business" sign hanging out front. I always wanted one of those card stands for all the cards I make, I walked in and just asked what he was going to do with this one after his inventory sold. It is the perfect size and it even turns. The best thing happened, he said " Oh, if you want that one, you can have it". Yay, I almost jumped for joy right there in the store but gracefully waited until I was home. And now it had a new home in my office, after I pick up T today from school we are going to paint it, some different color than the plain white. Maybe gold, copper, dark blue, I don't know yet. But definitely something other than white!

Talking about white, this is our friends little dog, and yes, she was really clean and white when we arrived at their home, but after a walk in the hills, she looks like this.
You are lucky this is not a "smell-o-puter" because she rolled herself in fresh cow pattie! Of course everybody knows that is the best smell if you want to catch yourself some squirrels and rabbits, only problem was those pesky critters run faster that this ball of (formerly) white fluff.
But for this little dogie her day was just perfect, until the bath of course.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sun and Water

Spring is definitely here, the weather is great.
Today the kids all played with the water slide. Of course T could not wait for the neighbors to sett it up, he was all ready to go.
It is so much fun to see them all play together.
The other picture is taken at our friends house, the view is wonderful and I love the tree that is in bloom.
Yesterday night, we went to see the movie "Wild Hogs", We laughed from start to finish, man, that movie is seriously funny. Yesterday was one of those crazy days you can have every once in a while. Went to a fashion show and luncheon at the elks, than over to the winery, it was busy so usually we end up helping out pouring wine. I was dropped of at home, to get my car and T and then we went over to one of our friends houses to get dinner and afterwards we all went to the movies. I was glad to get in bed and sleep.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Help, I can not stop knitting socks!!! This one is almost finished. These socks are knit on needles #0 (2mm) and I just love the little stitches.
I already have a next pair in mind...... Talk about an addiction!
The weather is soo nice outside, I even had my coffee outside this morning. Love sitting in the garden and knit away and drink my coffee, before all the chores and other stuff during the day.
I just picked up Tycho from school, he is "chillin" right now, and then it is homework time.
Saw the documentary about the tomb of Jesus last night. Very interesting, T watched it for just the beginning and man, the questions he can come up with! They had to have him in the discussion that followed afterwards, I just want to see how they give answers to those questions!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Took my camera outside for a little while, and crawled around in the grass. Most of the spiders are to fast to take a picture of, and it is a little to early in the season for the nice big ones. These pic's are taken with my Lensbabie
I love this little lens with these pics I used both the macro lenses screwed together.
So because most spiders are to fast, this one was not going anywhere anymore. Ha, I hope nobody will run away screaming from their computer screen. And if so let me know, I have some more from last year including a tarantula walking over my friends arm. I am happy to post that one!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy March

The weather was so nice today, so we went for a little tour around our neighborhood. of course I had to take my camera. In the park there where some horses, and I took these shots. It reminds me of the first time we drove into this town, looking for a house to buy to get out of the City. Along the road into town we drove past a horseman, and for me the dutch girl this was America! I love it here, although we have grown accustomed to the "all American" scenery out here, every once in a while it hits me how I love it here and how I love the hills, and all the surroundings around here. I love the hills the most when they are dry and brown.

My toe is doing better, but my Nerf damage in my foot was flaring up so on Tuesday I went back to the doc. and got some medication for it. Hopefully it is not such a long road as this summer. I was really looking forward to some new shoes!
OK, off to cook dinner, only question, what to cook tonight........