Monday, July 30, 2007

fun and food (strange food)

It was hot, but not as hot as the last couple of years, and of course lots of fun. Another year behind the belt, the Garlic festival came and went this weekend. My most memorable moment, the people grossing out on me eating alligator (pictured above) and rattlesnake. Booth 51 has my name on it. Although I love the not so cuddly animals, I have yet to try the kangaroo meat. My fellow workers kept calling me gator-breath the whole afternoon, But with the amounts of garlic in all the food (yummmmmmmm) I bet it was just the rose they kept smelling.
It is always amazing that people travel to here only to go to the Garlic festival, I even had some Russians come up to the booth. Ha, of course I had to practice the two words Russian I know. We also talked to people from all over the states, Japan, Germany (practiced my German) and even cursed in Dutch. That last one was very funny, the guy wanted a glass of wine, he was with some friends and he told of his friend by cursing in Dutch, but with such a heavy American accent that I had to laugh and in Dutch told him to keep his cool. (the word GVD was used by both of us) the guys start howling with laughter. Turns out his wife is Dutch and taught him how to curse in Dutch in order to keep him from cursing in English so nobody could understand him.
After the closing it is time to turn out the flame from the big garlic bulb at the entrance, this is only watched by all the volunteers. It is a whole parade, first the police on horseback, then on motorcycle, then on bikes, then in cars, the firetruck and firefighters in golf carts. lots of sirens and laughter. The hose is rolled out and the fire is turned of (it's a gas one) and the volunteers who are in the line of fire are treated to some water.
I came home at eight and was exhausted!
Today it is back to our routine and some knitting tonight.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

a purse for every day

Weekend, it comes and it goes..... yesterday evening we had the music in the vineyard event. T and I went, of course T is not even out of the car and he is off playing with his friends. There where tri-tip sandwiches and cheese platters and of course wine. I somehow always end up either pouring wine or in the kitchen. T and I left early (at eight thirty) and watched Monk. Love that series, just to be that compulsive is sick, but very funny!!

And today I finished my black/color purses, ready to go to the boutique in November. lots more to do. I also started some knitted hats for the winter. Tomorrow I have to work at the festival. And everybody who lives around here, if you do not need to be at the festival, you lay low or escape the town. So we are laying low for today, the boys mowed the lawn and I had my sewing time. Just a simple day at home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We packed a picnic lunch and started driving this morning. We ended up in Monterrey they have a very nice city playground. There is a ton of things to do for kids (and adults) and there is even an old locomotive they can climb on and a maze with a lookout. And the weather was a lot cooler than the ever so hot valley. We had a great time, ate our lunch and played.
Not even home for 30 minutes and T already hooked up with friends to play. Gotta love summer vacation!! Lately T wants to learn some Dutch songs, we have a big laugh every time he tries so sing. My favorite is the "Twents volkslied"
I sing the first line and he sings it after me.
Here we go " Er ligt tussen Dinkel en Regge een land, ons schoon en zo nijvere Twente"
Than T (with heavy accent) " Er ligt tussen winkel en weg een land, het schoon en wijverig Twente". For the not Dutch readers the Dinkel and Regge are two rivers, which T translates as a store and a road. We keep practicing until we have it right, but it is still better than " zie de maan schijt door de bomen"
And on the knitting front, my socks are growing my only complaint is that the dark brown is very hard to see at night, so I started some mittens with lots of color. The birds are different in the front and back. And the thumbs sport some foxes. They reminded me of the chicken coop at my sisters house that got raided by an hungry animal. Poor chickens disappeared probably for a very nice big breakfast. She even named the Chickens "Hou" and "Dini". Hee-hee, no wonder they disappeared!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Look at our night sky yesterday night!! We counted three rainbows. These pictures were taken at 20.30.
Everything was colored orange outside, we went outside and even some of the neighbors were in the street watching the strange clouds and colors. We don't get to see clouds in the summer that heavy in the summer, let alone this color and the rainbows. No rain though. But it was very hot and muggy yesterday.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I almost finished reading Harry!! It is goooooood, just can't stop.
We went swimming this afternoon and I made enchiladas made from scratch, that included the tomatillo sauce. started cooking at four thirty, dinner was ready at seven!!
Aside from that I spent my day reading.......
OK, gotta go, have to finish my book and while doing that enjoy a glass of wine.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry is in the house

Look what found his way to our doorstep today!! Poor mailman had to haul like a million Harry Potters around in his little truck today. That is only for those people who where to lazy to stand in line at the bookstore last night. T and I checked it out yesterday morning on our way to the grocery store. They already made a line-up area outside, and marked of the line to the register. that line swirled his way all trough the store. They started handing out bracelets at 7 PM yesterday night.
We had to wait until the mailman came, that was around three today, and then this Muggle opened the package according to the instructions, it was already half way into July 21th.

And look, a new pair of socks is growing. This time two at a time on one circular needle. I joined this great group of women who come together to knit once a week. And one of the ladies taught me this great trick. Bye, bye second sock syndrome!!!!!
The boys had to pry me away from the book to go to dinner, our anniversary dinner, today 10 years ago we got married. I can not believe it is already ten years, time flies. Ten years ago we moved here and started a whole new life together.
OK, now I have to go, this Muggle has to read until the deep hours of the night, the book has 759 pages and I am only on 104!! and I can tell you it already captivated me so much that I can't put it down for longer that half an hour.

Monday, July 16, 2007

seaside lunch

We took a little road trip today, not to far, just cruising along the coast until we found a spot to eat lunch. We ate at this restaurant, inside with a table at the floor to ceiling window.
They had a beautiful patio, but it was still a bit to chilly outside. Although inside is was also not that warm. Why they crank up the air-co to freeze is beyond me, anyway, the food, company and food was good!

Yesterday, we spent our day visiting friends with a pool in the morning and T had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Lots of fun of course.
The party was with all boys, they used the slip'n slide to cool down and get rid of the sugar high from the heavy frosted cupcakes. But after that is was present time.
For me as a Dutch girl it is still a big mystery to me why you do not unpack the presents in order the people come in. No, they have to wait until the very last. Kids that have to leave earlier do not get to see the recipient smile over the gift. I always like to see if the person likes my gift, makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
Well this birthday kid, after opening his presents (most were already ripped opened by his younger brother) climbed on his bed and asked if that was all he got!!
Different countries, different traditions but some things I just still don't get.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I knitted two new friends, it just cracks me up! I found this pattern on Mochimochi website while surfing. Love all the toys, next up are the sausage dogs. look this are Hissyfit and his friend Tickles, but what is Tickles doing??
Oh, no, he is going to get eaten.....

can you still see him??

Lucky for us he was just hiding for me his big human friend, and thank goodness their toupees are still looking mighty fine!!

And not to forget, a backpack for my little T, he picked the fabric. It turned out really good, better than in the picture. The fabric is not easy to photograph. T is very happy and is going to use it for school (what a complement for me) I hope his books will all fit in there.
On to the next backpack, this time fabric choise is mine!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sissi III - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin 9/11

Look, what I found yesterday, yay part three is on, now I am only waiting for part two. Call me crazy (yes I know most of my family does) but I looooooove this movie

Monday, July 09, 2007

you call that food??

I spent the weekend moving one of my friends, she is going to start a whole new life in a cute apartment. All good things coming her way as of now I hope. Anyway, we spend a good deal of our Sunday assembling her new furniture. I was thinking of Youp van't Hek and his speech about putting together Ikea furniture. Wheeee-heee. He goes on about when he finally figured out how to put the furniture together, after a couple of hours of sweat and tears and puts up what they assembled and then they find another screw! We actually found a mistake in the directions. Oh, well it turned out good it took us only three hours to assemble the furniture!!

I did not have time to sit behind the sewing machine, so in the evening while watching TV, ice road truckers that is.
I came up with something new, knitted doughnuts! they look totally cute and I am planning to knit up a whole bunch. I just experimented with some yarn and made with the sprinkles from embroidery yarn. Being the only woman in the house needles to say the boys had their laugh when they saw the doughnuts sitting on a real plate on the dining room table.

Friday, July 06, 2007


We went to the biker rally this morning, we decided to go very early while it was still cool and not that busy. And walking with T and his buddy K in tow, it was fun to hear them comment on the different things they saw.
The whole thing was a lot different than two years ago, a lot more commercial things and you have to pay to see concerts and all the fun stuff like arm wrestling etc. and that doesn't even bother us that much but usually they have bike parking all the way down the main street, lots of fun to see all the bikes parked there and compare the different bikes. Now the bikes have to park of the beaten path and that makes it much less fun to look at. Oh, well the boys loved it and I got tons of really fun, ( ahum, people and sign) pictures.
turkey legg anyone??

fun signs everywhere.

plenty of hats.

and hey, a boy on a bike! And it is only Friday today, we had a "Saturday" feeling the whole day.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

the whole enchilada

We had a fun time at the fireworks display yesterday, just before we left one of my friends called that her husband parked his truck already in a prime spot early that afternoon. Smart, very smart I have to say. The only thing we had to do is find a back road parking spot for our car and walk over to the truck. Good to know the right people, we parked in another friends drive way, because there was no more parking to be found in a 15 minutes walking distance. We hung out with a bunch of friends, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the fireworks. the kids had a great time and after the fireworks when every body left, and it became a car nightmare on the road, we stayed and watched the traffic go by, and of course made the appropriate comments on it. My knitting is going great, and I am making some progress on my knee-highs.
not one of the greatest pic's, T and friend K on the roof of the truck, the closer to the fireworks the better I guess.

And some of the pics I took of the fireworks, I took a lot of pic's and a lot of them turned out great, but on the other hand, what to do with pic's of fireworks??
Today is one of those days I planned different, and of course it did not pan out that way. I did go and get groceries, when I came back it was lunchtime. Not even five minutes after we ate lunch, our neighbor came to the door if T wanted to swim.
It takes T not even a minute to get in his swim gear and head out, hee hee!
All the neighbors came swimming, so we had a little pool party this afternoon, our other neighbor even drove up to the farm to get us some fresh strawberries and cherries.
We swam until dinnertime, just before dinner one of T's school friends came over for a sleepover. And that kid gave me the best compliment ever!! He announced that I was a better cook than his grandma! I have had his grandma's cooking a couple of times and believe me, she's a lovely sweet Italian lady and man she knows how to cook!! only not enchilada's a-la-Do!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy fourth

Happy fourth of July! It is hot out here, too hot to be outside and because our garden umbrella gave out we do not have any shade in the backyard in the afternoon. Not that I want to sit in the shade, even there it is too hot. But on other days I really like to sit outside for a little bit in the afternoon enjoying a lemonade (or beer). Tonight it is of course firework-time, we are planning to go to the high school to see the "big" fireworks.
It reminds me of new years in Europe, only we lite the fireworks in our shorts and on flip-flops instead of huddling in the cold, trying to light something without shivering. People are outside, there are block party's and everybody has a good time. Just love it.

While it is hot outside I cleaned my office and cut out a pattern for a Backpack, because some people (we do not name names, they know who they are) requested them.
First I have to finish the purse I am working on, it is almost done, just need to get the handles stitched and sew the lining in.
Pic's tomorrow.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


What do you do on a sunny and warm Sunday? T goes swimming, lucky for us we have a neighbor and friends with a pool. And when you are lucky enough one of them asks you to come over and swim.
I remember when I was a kid, I loved swimming. We did not have the luxury of a swimming pool, we swam in the canals and lakes. Just simply jump of the roof of the boat and swim away.
As soon the weather was just barely warm enough we were in the water. Or on it, anything that would float was used, we even used plywood tied behind boats and go "water skiing".
Crazy. I have so many fond memories from those times at the "Jachthaven."