Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A week ago I felt miserable and sick and stayed in bed. I was glad to go back to work on Monday. I like my job, of course there are good days and bad, but coming back after a few sick days and noticing that people really missed me is a good feeling.Today I cooked a big pot full of Hutspot, yum.............. Only thing that is missing is a "rookworst".
Friday is the first day of February, the year is already moving by fast. Next to the valentines stuff we already spotted some Easter bunnies and eggs.

And the pictures are from T's new lamp, he loves it! And it makes for interesting pictures also.
I remember as a kid our local Chinese restaurant had one of those lamps, in my eyes it was really big and going there for take-out food was an outing for me.
This reminds me that I am getting old, and that I would really like to have some Bami. They do not have Bami here, nor bitterballen or croketten.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pizza how far??

Took a little drive trough our town today, and took the camera. This is one of those places you drive by a million times and never read the signs. Until of course you take a picture and look at it at home. Now I really want to know how long Mr Pinocchio's nose is......... I have to drive how far for a pizza just as good??? Last time I checked he has another restaurant at the same road not even two miles away at the other end of town. I drive by it every morning when I go to work. Tomorrow I just have to check if he has a sign up there too.

This is how it looked from inside looking out today, the rain never stopped.

Oh, and a mitten update, it is felted and it fits!!! who is laughing now????

After the socks from the Rocking socks club are done, I have to knit the second mitten and felt it too. Now all I need after that is a trip to the snow to test them.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oven mitt or very large hands

OK, it is done, my oven mitt. The boys had their share of laughing and fitting both hands inside.
I am thinking of felting it, maybe it will turn out nice and warm and the right size. Hoping that I do have the last laugh!
It rained again today and not the little bit of rain, a lot of rain. I love rainy days and while I am writing this I am preparing a steaming cup of coffee.
While we are sitting at the dining room table with our computers, T is building his LEGO creations and photographing them for his "website"
I feel a bit better today so tomorrow it is time for some groceries, I have not been out for the whole week and it is time to hit the big outdoors again.
Now I have to think about another knitting project because I have not started one jet after the big mitt.
I was thinking of the firestarter socks. Now let's find some yarn and some needles.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

log cabin socks

I managed to knit a few rows today, still not feeling that well and slept for most of the day. Food does not appeal me at all. Even the coffee that I love so much could not do it for me today. Yuk, nothing tastes good and makes me feel sick again. Not to mention the headache I have. If I sit still it is OK but oooh, if I even stand up and start moving, than it feels like it is going to explode But I did finish the log cabin socks I started at the beginning of the month for J. I had only a couple rows to go and decided I would finish them this afternoon. The lucky recipient is already wearing them and last report is that they fit perfect and are nice and comfy.
We had rain the whole day and there is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow and this weekend. T's field trip to Monterrey even was cancelled for today, they have to postpone it until May. Well at least the weather will be better that time of year!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Just thought I would share these, they made me laugh out loud!
If you want to laugh too check this out.

under the weather

I am not feeling my best, have been camping out on the couch and my bed for the past two days. I hate it, and I want to be back to my normal self!!
My time I have filled with surfing the Internet, and sleeping, just a little bit of knitting on my mitten. That darn mitten, it is big, and I mean really big. What to do? Frogging it is not an option because I like it to much, I like the colors, the pattern and hey, I did spent some time on it knitting the darn thing. So why did I go beyond the cuff? Because the cuff seemed the right size, it fits around the wrist, not snug but kinda perfect. After the cuff came the increase and they are worked in the pattern so you don't see them coming. And then after making the thumb gusset it hits. The thing is way to big.
So what to do with it when it is finished? maybe I can felt it and make it into an oven mitt, but then what if it doesn't felt nice? or I ad a loop and hang it from the fireplace next Christmas, then I better knit some more to make it a balanced look for the fireplace.
Anyway I am open for any suggestions and will knit the darn thing for the last few rows left on it and post a picture.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

My first gloves are done! Of course I could not stop knitting these Selbuvotter and started a pair of Mittens. This time no individual fingers to knit, but I think the next pair will be another pair of gloves.

Of course I had to come down with a serious cold this three day weekend, why does it always happen during someones days off and never while it is a working day so you can say you are taking the day off?
I blame it on the kids in school, we are testing the kinders and first graders on their reading skills and believe me some of them are really a riot to work with. And it takes me out of the office and into the classroom, a nice change of scenery for a two week period.
But then of course half of them has the dreaded winter cold so they gave it to me!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Star fighter

T made himself a star fighter this afternoon, nice huh? What you can't hear are the sound effects that are coming with this "masterpiece".
Gotta love it, I can listen to him play for hours, not that I have the time, but I could.
It was cold today, colder than I wanted it to be, with a thick heavy fog this morning. Just to remind me that I have to get my gloves in gear if I want to wear them in the very near future.
I am almost done with the second one, but those darn fingers take a long time to knit. I am already planning for my next pair. Those selbu's are very addicting to knit.
Oh, yeah, in case you are wondering what the red stuff on his sleeve is. According to T he had to clean the dry board and he could not find a rag. NICE!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

One Selbu and Mavericks

I started my second glove today. The first one was finished on Thursday night. It fits like a glove!! The only modification I would make next time is the cuff needs to be a little longer. I like them longer and tuck them in my coat. But there are more patterns in this book, and I am already looking at a second pair. These are so much fun to knit. I want to knit all of them ( Can I have more time in a day please?)

This morning we placed J's desk in a better place and while he had his computers disconnected I took advantage of all the cables being removed so I took the vacuum cleaner and gave his office a good vacuuming in places normally not reached by a vacuum cleaner. I am normally not allowed to touch the room because I place everything "somewhere else". So I clean around it. The front

and back

And also today the Mavericks where held. We wanted to go and watch, but hey, it started at eight this morning, and because it was held at a weekend the crowd was as expected huge. There were options to see the event on big screens at the local airport or in the SF ballpark. Only those are not so much fun as being there and feeling the wind and smelling the sea. So we stayed home and looked at the stream from the news channel.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Selbuvotter and Sheldon

Meet Sheldon, he is the new member of our Family! He is a little turtle and he can take his shell of if he goes to bed or is going to take a bath! It took me a couple of days to knit this little guy, maybe because I decided he needed to be small and knitted on a size 0 (2 mm) needle. That and all the different parts I had to knit took a long time! But he is done and a happy little guy! And someone in this family adopted him, not naming any names by special request.
And for me I started to knit these Selbuvotter gloves. The pattern is called Annemor # 15. These are traditional patterns from the region of Selbu in Norway. I ordered the book some time ago and Friday it came, the envelope it came in was soaked from the rain and the book was wet at one side also. I had to dry it before I could even look at it. Talk about self control!!
What the mailman or woman was doing I do not know, they do have to leave their truck and take two steps to our mailbox but does it have to be that all our mail was soaking wet??
OK, we did have a big "storm" on Friday, but hey, I had to go to school on my bike in this weather almost every day when I grew up, and I managed to get my books dry into the school.
And believe me it was not a five minute trip, it took me 45 minutes to get to school. All dressed up in my rain gear, wearing plastic bags tied with rubber bands to keep my feet dry.
Not to mention the times when it was dry when you left and halfway through the rain began. We had to stop at the side of the road and get our gear on.

Anyway I love these gloves and hope they fit me really nice!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Doughnut pattern

I used knit picks Palette on a size 0 (2 mm) needle but any yarn or gauge is OK unless the fabric is tight enough to not show the filling through. I used the magic loop technique but they can also be knit on DP needles.

Cast on 60 stitches and close to knit in the round.
Row 1 -5: knit with frosting color

Row 6: ( knit 4, k2tog) repeat until end of round.(50 st)
Row 7 -8: knit
Row 9: ( knit 3, k2tog) repeat until end of round.(40 st)
Row 10-11: knit

Row 12: (knit 2, k2tog) repeat until end of round. (30 st)

Row 13-14: knit

Row 15: (knit 1, k2tog) repeat until end of round. (20 st)

Row 16-17: knit

Row 18-19: with brown knit

Row 20: (knit 2, M1) repeat until end of round. (30 st)

Row 21-22: knit
Row 23: (knit 3, M 1) repeat until end of round. (40 st)

Row 24-25: knit

Row 26: (knit 4, M1) repeat until end of round. (50 st)

Row 27-28: knit

Row 29: (knit 5, M1) repeat until end of round. (60 st)

Row 30-32: knit
Cast of all st.


Sew the "outer" rings together to close the Doughnut but leave a gap to stuff it. I like to "stuff and sew", as I go to make sure the ring is even. ( hope this makes sense)
I decorated them with beads to make the sprinkles, but if this is going to be a toy please do not use beads but instead use embroidery floss and "french knots" to make the sprinkles!
This is my first ever pattern in English so if there are any mistakes please let me know and I will correct them.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to every one! Sorry for the delay in blogging but we have been busy packing the decorations, the tree and the lights outside. And we did the groceries today, always a not so fun activity!

It is raining here and not the little drizzle we usually get this is for CA standards a downpour or a "Storm". When we where driving to the grocery store I reminded T that in the Netherlands this is just called rain and I had to go to school on my bike no matter what kind of weather it was. We always think of it when they call for "storms" here. The wind and rain and snow and frost we had to live trough was much worse than this. And I have to say I love this weather, call me crazy but I love to have it rain really hard, and sit on the couch and watch it. T and I went to Blockbuster and rented some movies for this weekend and enjoy them while sitting on the couch under the blanked and with some hot cocoa. Just the three of us, laughing and watching movies and talk, we are looking forward to a night of movies!! We even got J join into the fun!!
T wanted to play outside this afternoon and of course what is more fun than playing in the rain and jump puddles?? So that was what he did, while I watched from the warm indoors, with camera in hand!!