Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

My first gloves are done! Of course I could not stop knitting these Selbuvotter and started a pair of Mittens. This time no individual fingers to knit, but I think the next pair will be another pair of gloves.

Of course I had to come down with a serious cold this three day weekend, why does it always happen during someones days off and never while it is a working day so you can say you are taking the day off?
I blame it on the kids in school, we are testing the kinders and first graders on their reading skills and believe me some of them are really a riot to work with. And it takes me out of the office and into the classroom, a nice change of scenery for a two week period.
But then of course half of them has the dreaded winter cold so they gave it to me!

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