Thursday, January 24, 2008

log cabin socks

I managed to knit a few rows today, still not feeling that well and slept for most of the day. Food does not appeal me at all. Even the coffee that I love so much could not do it for me today. Yuk, nothing tastes good and makes me feel sick again. Not to mention the headache I have. If I sit still it is OK but oooh, if I even stand up and start moving, than it feels like it is going to explode But I did finish the log cabin socks I started at the beginning of the month for J. I had only a couple rows to go and decided I would finish them this afternoon. The lucky recipient is already wearing them and last report is that they fit perfect and are nice and comfy.
We had rain the whole day and there is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow and this weekend. T's field trip to Monterrey even was cancelled for today, they have to postpone it until May. Well at least the weather will be better that time of year!

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