Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pizza how far??

Took a little drive trough our town today, and took the camera. This is one of those places you drive by a million times and never read the signs. Until of course you take a picture and look at it at home. Now I really want to know how long Mr Pinocchio's nose is......... I have to drive how far for a pizza just as good??? Last time I checked he has another restaurant at the same road not even two miles away at the other end of town. I drive by it every morning when I go to work. Tomorrow I just have to check if he has a sign up there too.

This is how it looked from inside looking out today, the rain never stopped.

Oh, and a mitten update, it is felted and it fits!!! who is laughing now????

After the socks from the Rocking socks club are done, I have to knit the second mitten and felt it too. Now all I need after that is a trip to the snow to test them.

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