Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A week ago I felt miserable and sick and stayed in bed. I was glad to go back to work on Monday. I like my job, of course there are good days and bad, but coming back after a few sick days and noticing that people really missed me is a good feeling.Today I cooked a big pot full of Hutspot, yum.............. Only thing that is missing is a "rookworst".
Friday is the first day of February, the year is already moving by fast. Next to the valentines stuff we already spotted some Easter bunnies and eggs.

And the pictures are from T's new lamp, he loves it! And it makes for interesting pictures also.
I remember as a kid our local Chinese restaurant had one of those lamps, in my eyes it was really big and going there for take-out food was an outing for me.
This reminds me that I am getting old, and that I would really like to have some Bami. They do not have Bami here, nor bitterballen or croketten.

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