Wednesday, January 23, 2008

under the weather

I am not feeling my best, have been camping out on the couch and my bed for the past two days. I hate it, and I want to be back to my normal self!!
My time I have filled with surfing the Internet, and sleeping, just a little bit of knitting on my mitten. That darn mitten, it is big, and I mean really big. What to do? Frogging it is not an option because I like it to much, I like the colors, the pattern and hey, I did spent some time on it knitting the darn thing. So why did I go beyond the cuff? Because the cuff seemed the right size, it fits around the wrist, not snug but kinda perfect. After the cuff came the increase and they are worked in the pattern so you don't see them coming. And then after making the thumb gusset it hits. The thing is way to big.
So what to do with it when it is finished? maybe I can felt it and make it into an oven mitt, but then what if it doesn't felt nice? or I ad a loop and hang it from the fireplace next Christmas, then I better knit some more to make it a balanced look for the fireplace.
Anyway I am open for any suggestions and will knit the darn thing for the last few rows left on it and post a picture.

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Anonymous said...

Gewoon even heet wassen dan krimpt het wel (hahahahahahah)

Groetjes Anita