Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach and a companion

We decided to drive up to the beach this morning, I waited for a phone call, my phone never rang. I tried to call, the number I had was of their home phone.

So we went to the beach, and into the cooler temperatures for a while. Here in this picture you can already see the fog that every evening rolls in from the see over the hills.
Sorry for the bad pic, but this was taken out of the car, and as you can see there are some "bugs-that-did-not-make-it" on my windshield. T loves the beach, and immediately starts building and digging. A bit of wet sand does go a long way in making solid sand structures. On our way back we forgot about the traffic that was going to the garlic festival ! Wow, it took us a while to get of the 101 and crossing the big road close to our home. Once home the boys went for a swim next door. Leaving me some time to knit before I started dinner.
After dinner, it becomes a sort of habit for me to go outside and knit for a while enjoying a cup of coffee or thee. And lately I have a companion, Shamu likes to sit with me, every once in a while see will sit on my lap for some badly needed attention, and then goes back to her spot in front of my feet.
She stays as long as I am outside.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

so cute

this one is from one of my favorite sites. In this one I can see my mom saying this to my dad, who is always goofing of and can make the funniest remarks about everything.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

back to normal

It was a nice weekend, T went to a friend on Saturday and ended up sleeping over. We picked him up this morning and after he came home the first thing he did was curl up on the couch and announce that he was "just a little tired".
Half an hour later one of his other friends called to ask if T had time to play in the afternoon, Poof, the tired little boy all of a sudden was not tired anymore. The two of them spend the afternoon playing. And after his his friend went home and we had dinner, T crashed.
He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. And while the boys were playing I finished the sock that I started on the plane to New York. Now it is on to the second one. I really liked seeing this pattern grow and like how the pattern goes on over the heel. T likes them too, so this pair is going to be for him.
Oh, and remember this pair? They were finished two weeks ago, and I love them. Can you believe this is one ball of yarn and that I started to knit from both ends? The yarn is Noro Kureyon, this is my second pair with this yarn. Looooove it!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


OK, the Stargazing last night was a whole night event. Although we did not see any planets yet. It took a while to set the thing up and find coordinates, which is not easy in a backyard covered with trees.
Tonight we decided we try the front yard, unfortunately there is overcast so no star in sight (only me LOL).
Here are some more pic's from New York (last ones, promise!)
Our little guy, waiting at the airport wearing his favorite T-shirt. Taken from inside the toy store, the building outside is the Plaza Hotel, 5th ave.

And for the Project Runway fans, these are the garments made in the Dylan's Candy store challenge. They where in the window and from outside the store there was to much reflection to take pictures, believe me I tried but it did not work out. So only a picture from the back side.

Friday, July 18, 2008

signs and stargazing

While I am writing this my men are watching the DVD on how to set up the telescope! Yes, it has arrived late this afternoon, and the box was ripped open right in front of the door!
Now this is going to be an interesting night, they both can not wait until it is getting dark!
For those interested in what kind of telescope T got it is a Meade ETX-80AT-TC, did a bit of browsing on the web and he got a really good deal on the thing.

Here are some more "sign picks" from NY.
Now this one makes you wonder what else does this one say? I don't know, could not see it even from the other side of the street. Your guess is as good as mine.
This is actually a very fun store with a great name!
And this one....... nice view from the graveyard.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


While going through all my pictures (believe me there are a lot of them) I came across some pictures of signs. Maybe I am crazy but I love signs. How about this one, taken some where in SOHO. Speed limit is 15 miles, I get that although the sign is upside down.

Than the sign behind it the red one does not want me stand there on schooldays between 7 am and 4 PM, the white one doesn't let me park there on Mondays and Thursdays between 9.30 and 11 AM. So let me get this, I can park on a school day, let's say a Wednesday but I am not allowed to stand (?) there. Or it is not a school day, but it is Thursday at 10 AM and I am just standing.
Not to mention the text on the Blue sign underneath it reads "without you I am nothing". LOL How about this one, there is a $350 fine on honking. Anybody who has ever been to New York knows there is honking, there is different kinds of honking. The one honk for just the simple "watch what you're doing ........." (insert any not so nice word) and the more aggressive honking for the even more not so nice words.
How about trying to park in front of this store??
T-shirt anyone??

I remember taking another one at a very old cemetery, I'll save that one for tomorrow.
Here is one I took on Wall street, not very special but I like the picture.

Still no sign off the UPS truck with T's telescope, he is soooo stalking that truck!

City views

First up, some City views, from the top of the Empire state of course! It was a sunny day, and you could see for miles.

We had to wait a long time in line to get there, but it was worth the wait. Only my bones where not agreeing with the standing, and I was glad to be back at the Hotel and being able to lay down. Of course the medication helps but not for this extended walking and waiting.

Look, there she is, Lady Liberty

and of course the Chrysler building.
We did spent a whole lot of time up there and really enjoyed the view and the cool wind!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just one

Just one picture for now, these things look like little faces to me. So here is a happy face! with the city in the background.

We're Back!!!

If you missed us for the past week, we were on a trip. A city trip, not a lazy-lay-by-the-beach kind of trip, but a walk a million miles trip. At least that what it felt like for me. Ask my heels and my blisters.
We went to the place where you have to eat hot-dogs and pretzels on the street (done that) and go to the rooftop of the tallest building (done that), see the landmark that is the symbol of freedom for America (done that), take a stroll and knit in the park (done that), eat ice cream in little Italy (done that) smell the exotic (ahum) smells of China town (done), and marvel at the prices of the shoes in the designer stores (yeah, no words there).
Oh, and not to forget visited "ground zero".
Tomorrow I'll post some pictures.
T had a great time and only the day time he complained about his feet hurting! Very impressive!
His favorite part? FAO Schwartz. We spend a crazy amount of time in the store browsing around through all the toys.
T stumbled on a great deal, he always wanted a telescope to look at the stars, there where two on sale! marked down from 300 to 60 dollars!! J looked at it and even he was impressed, so we let T spend all his saved money (allowance and gifts from family) to buy it. They even shipping the thing to our house, no way we were going to carry that on a plane!
Now somebody is watching the front door for the UPS guy, and than he has to wait until it is dark!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


It is warm and getting warmer this week, another heatwave is brewing. Yesterday was perfect. In the morning it is still cool enough to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee.
Because of the fires everywhere there was a big debate about lighting fireworks in different cities. Most cities banned the sales of fireworks all together, some only for this year.
Here it was only allowed in certain areas. We are just within the allowed area, and although we decided it was best we did not buy any this year. Our neighbors did. The kids loved dancing with the sparklers and that is where I took this picture.

There was also a fireworks display from the city, like every year, but we decided not to make the trek to the field this time.
Instead we stayed home and watched the Olympic trials for swimming. T is a real expert turns out and knows all the names of the swimmers both to J and my surprise.
My men are both glued to the TV, and give comment, like they both swim like dolphins!!
And what did I do during all that TV watching, I started another sock, loved the pattern and just could not wait to cast on. I know there are four pair of socks in the making but I could not help myself
turned out the yarn is lovely and the pattern is lovely but not together. This I realized after knitting almost half of the sock, duh!!!
Maybe I was in denial after knitting the cuff and thinking "this looks not so good".
Oh, well, it was off to the frog pound, back to the Ziggy, that pair is almost done.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


If you want a book, a good book, an interesting book that J likes, one with lots of formulas and difficult sentences. Than there is only one place to go around here. The Stanford book store, home of the book with formulas.
Of course they have all kinds of books and magazines, everything for the whole family. We tried to park close, not always a possibility over there. There are parking spaces for people with an A permit, and parking spaces for people with a disability and an A permit, if you go a little big farther away you get the same thing only for people with a C permit. We did not see any parking spaces for people with a B permit, maybe there are no such people that want to be the "in between parking permit people". Finally we found a spot, paid for or parking space, Z permit I guess and took a stroll through the campus. Not that we are complaining about the walking we where going to do that anyway, but the parking for guests is marked could be a little bit better. And due to construction we could not reach our regular parking spot.

We spend a lot of time in the bookstore, all three of us love books, different kind of books, so T and I went one way and J the other.

T found his little book pretty fast en decided that was the book he really needed. After I paid it he did not need a bag the sales person offered but took it right away outside ready to be studied on a bench under a tree.
And of course this morning I found him reading and marking all the things he already achieved from this book.

Notice the title, yeah, really nice!