Friday, August 29, 2008

Career choice

It is warm, we had three days in a row of over a 100 degrees. For the last three days the children at our school had to eat inside because of it. Tomorrow the forecast says it will be cooler (oh, we will hit 98 instead of 110)
It was a very event full week, with lots of kindergartners who all want to go home. Luckily at the end of the week there was some settling down, and we even got smiles from the little boy who could not stop crying for the first three days. (victory)
T also had a busy week at school and is getting used to the "back-to-school" routine. Homework is being made without any complaints and the 20 minute reading every day is no problem at all (most of the time)
He came home and made an announcement on Wednesday that he wants to be a Scientist when he is growing up. No news for us, but then today he was serious in changing careers all of a sudden.
Tonight he wanted to know if there is such a thing as a school for comedians, because there lies his passion (his words, not mine).
He likes the idea of doing stand-up comedy..............................(yeah)
Could work, in first grade he got the "funniest kid" award, in second grade he got the "wittiest classmate" award, In third grade his teacher said that he could make remarks that where so funny he had the whole class laughing.
His fourth grade teacher found his humor "refreshing".
Time will tell what his profession is going to be, all we are asking that he is happy, scientist or comedian.

Meanwhile I am knitting a "votter" or mitten, on size 0 needles, it does not go very fast but I really like the result! And I get a head start on Christmas knitting!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Never honk at an old lady

Knitting needles don't kill people, Old ladies do..............

Friday, August 22, 2008

First school days

School has officially started!
As always it takes some time for the kids to get used to school routine, their new friends and the teachers.
Especially for the kindergartners, for some it is just fun and exciting, for others it is just a matter of time before they feel comfortable and stop crying. And then there are the ones who live life on their own agenda’s and need constant supervision.
It is heartbreaking to see some cry for their parents, to them this must be a big scary place and everything in it is even scarier.
Imagine you are 5 years old (some even 4) and there you are, all by yourself in a room full of strange people and you don’t know who do you have to be more frightened for, the teachers or the other children.
Finally you settle in, the classroom is safe and then it is Lunchtime. Your teacher directs you to the big room otherwise known as the multi purpose room, there you wait in line (I know this part is hard) and walk past the lunch ladies who are helping you to get your lunch. It goes in a little basket lined with paper.
Then walk outside and find your table. That’s where there are more adults called “yard duties”.
For these first few days, there are also “office people”, they usually sit in the office all day and type away on their computers or help you when you come in for the nurse or worse if you are in trouble.
You walk out to the tables, and they ask you “who is your teacher?”, or “do you see your classmates?”
Then they tell you what table to sit at, every classroom has two tables.
But what if you only speak Spanish?? Or when they ask you where your teacher is and you reply “I donno, I lost her/him”
Scary business those first schooldays, really scary business.
Hopefully it will all settle down pretty quick.

On another note, look what I found on the web, I have been complaining about the boring beach volleyball matches, love all the other sports, but just not that one.
Anyway I am thinking the Dutch crown prince Alexander is a little "bored" too. Next to him his wife princess Maxima.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oolong Olympic socks

Started these socks on the day the Olympics started, and finished them today. Only got sidetracked with the mittens form the previous post. Not bad at all.
Now only to finish T's socks and then J wants another pair, and the list goes on.
Tomorrow it is back to work and knitting time during the day is over (except for my lunch break)
and it is time to start knitting for Christmas.
Maybe some more mittens, so family be prepared................................

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mittens, the perfect summertime knitting

Got distracted from my Ravelympics socks, they are almost done and of course I needed something else to knit. The perfect project for hot summer days, the answer Mittens.
I had some Noro silk garden lite that just screamed out of the stash "knit me, knit me"
These will be nice and warm come winter on the playground while I stand around during Yard duty. Or maybe they will be a gift to somebody..................................

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday

Knowing from previous post, grocery shopping is not one of my favorite outings. I do not like it, but it has to be done sometime. Take today, I could not longer avoid the dreaded groceries.
There was no more bread for lunch, nor anything to put on to the bread besides peanut butter. And that is absolutely the last thing we put on our bread. So I headed out, but not after two cups of coffee, and some knitting. Any reason to postpone the trip I happily take.
Now, I did not calculate in that it is Friday, the last Friday of the summer break, and everybody was shopping for school supplies and groceries.
When I finally came home and dragged all the bags to the door, so J and T could unpack them. Now here is what I don't get, when you drop something, no matter where you are, you pick it up. That is what gets to me in stores, the rudeness and the "oh-it-is-not-mine-so-it-is-OK" behavior from some people.
While walking in one isle, looking for a certain item the ladies coming from the other end of the isle stopped about where I was with my cart. One of them needed a whole tray of some soup packages. She took the tray and half of the packages fell out.
To my amazement she did not bend down to pick them up, nooooooooooooooo both of the women used their feet to kick them aside!! I had to bite my tongue not to make a comment, I did say "Nice", and gave them my evil look.
What are these people teaching there children?? That it is OK to throw the trash out your car window or eat right out of the package in the store so you do not have to pay?? I've seen it happen and it upsets me.
Anyway I came home, did a load of laundry while the coffee was brewing, and sat down to watch some Olympics and knit.
Aahhhh, happy Friday, the groceries are in the house!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just another funny LOLcat

From my favorite website lolcats T is so excited about his blog post, he keeps checking them every five minutes if he has comments on it. So people go ahead, comment on his Lego's! (please??)


T is here again...
I hope you like my first lego creation : )
Please comment if you liked it or if you think i should improve,
Dont worry if you think it will hurt my feelings you can tell me if you want...
but DONT say any bad words :'( it will make me feel sad :'(...
So thank you and stay happy! : )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lego halo creations instructions for ghost

OK here are the instructions on the Lego ghost.
To start you will need these Peices it does not matter what color you use...
you will need 3 4x4 flat bricks,5 1x1 tall bricks,1 1x1 flat red thing... I dont know what to call it...
and 2 1x1 black things... and 2 2x2 long peices.
I colored the purple elite beacuse its purple in the game... : (
but on the other hand the spartan is green... : )
GREEN BEATS PURPLE!!! : ) : ) : )
So I will have other lego creations to post but some I made will not be on this blog... : (
I want to put them on the blog but they are too hard to put on the blog... : (
I dont like it........
Well hope you like this creation and have fun with your new lego ghost!

T's lego halo creations

Hi its T here!
I'm going to do a custom Lego segment on this blog about halo Lego creations!!!
I will give you instructions on this creation later...
So hope you like my custom Lego creations oh and remember these Lego creations are CUSTOM so it might not be exactly like the ones on the games OK???
so have fun building and for the Spartans and elites I used purple and green metallic markers so you can color them green and purple so good luck and have fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

olympic swimming

Wow, we saw the American men win last night. What a race!!! We where on the edge of our seats and cheering.

T loves swimming too, he fell asleep on the couch last night because the wait was too long for him to see his favorite swimmer win. No wonder he fell asleep, he is a big swimmer himself and enjoys afternoons at our neighbors house swimming and diving ( and the occasional belly flop)

Oh, and don't forget the synchronized swimming practice! He just loves the water and can't wait to swim every day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A night of fashion

Had an unexpected outing last night. One of my friends called, if I wanted to join her to an event(Gilroy leadership benefit) at Gilroy Gardens, their winery was one of the sponsors and going all by herself of course is half the fun.
So I suddenly found myself all dressed up at an amusement park.
We enjoyed a dinner, and after dinner it was time for the entertainment and the fashion show.

How about an accordion player in a mirrored costume??

Here a view from our table, we had a very good spot right at the end of the runway.
There were parrots,

Big fluffy animals with glasses on,

Oh, and Elvis was there too,

And wonderful dancers from Tahiti,

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lego City and Ravelympics

Last night we finally where able to watch the Opening of the Olympics. Loved it, it was truly amazing!

While watching I cast on for my Ravelympics socks for the Sock-put event. Now only to finish them in time for the Closing Ceremony! T on the other hand is building his Lego city, now the kitchen is the site of a constant construction zone, while the other end of the family room is used for the "construction materials".
He has already build a Cinema, store and of course a landing pad for the space ships.
Any self respecting LEGO city needs a landing pad. There is also a roadway for hoover cars.

And looking at the people that occupy the place they are armed to the max.
Now if you will excuse me swimming is on!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympics in prime time

Today 's the day 08/08/08, the day the Olympics start. No, just let me rephrase that, they have already started. The Ceremony was held at 8.08 China time, that is 5 am here.
I would have gladly set my alarm early and watched. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, here we have to wait until "prime time" that is 7.30 pm our time. Than we can finally see what the whole world already saw a day earlier. I surfed the net, to no succes, no live streaming anywhere. Just pictures. No we have to wait, so we can see the "short" version, peppered with commercials every 10 minutes.
So, rant over, here look at a pretty picture. I finished my vest from the mystery yarn I bought in Utah. It is drying on the trampoline right now.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

LEGO's and the moon

Two weeks until school starts, the school supplies are already bought and after 3 years of service the “Bionicle” backpack is officially retired and T is now the proud owner of a more “mature” backpack.
The letter from his new teachers is already in the house with the appropriate homework to be done before school starts. No wasting time there.
He is looking forward to school and seeing all his friends again. A few of his friends he has seen on a regular basis during the vacation. We had sleepovers and there was swimming and going to the movies.

Last night we did some star gazing, or better Moon gazing, it is so much fun to see the moon close up, you can not stop looking and be amazed. T and J get out the telescope almost every evening and watch the stars go by.
I just wait until it is my turn to watch en meanwhile I am sipping my coffee and knit. The boys know that once mom is watching the stars, the fun for them is over. I love it, and no way am I giving up my turn to peer into the night sky.
Once back inside we have to play LEGO wars, T’s brand new, self invented game. There are pages full of rules, he even adds rules while playing, there are blocks that are “mother ships” and there are blocks that are “drop ships”. We take turns building mining camps and pay ridiculously high amounts of “imaginary money” for research.
If we encounter an attack, the winner is to be determent by the first player who wins three rock-paper-scissors.
Not to mention that one can go to the “Neutral Zone” after buying a space research center and a drop ship, only to find out that the zone is not that Neutral after the enemy moved in and had laser guns.
Oh my, this afternoon I am in for another session of Lego wars, this time the board is bigger and the LEGO blocks are counted.
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again and have that much imagination.
Only one more day and than the Olympics begin, I can hardly wait. Love it.
My knitting needles and Yarn for the Ravelimpics are ready; the pattern is printed so we are all set to watch the opening ceremonies on TV!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Hi, we are back from a little trip to Las Vegas.
T's favorite city. Wandering around in the casino's and taking in wonders of the world in one City is fun, for a day or two.
This city never fails to amaze me, there are always bigger Casino's to be build and old ones to be torn down. There is plenty to see even for the non-gamblers like us.

The most crazy thing for me is watching the designer stores, just simply crazy. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for shoes, and a pair of these would look really "fierce" on my feet! But imagine how many skeins of Yarn one could buy for that amount, or gas for my car or, or, or......

And then the "designer clothing"? Number one question that comes to mind, do they make "real" women sizes?? or do only women with size 00 to 1 shop in those stores?

And did you know as of today this site is up?? Oooh, socks and sweaters, some nice fall and winter knitting.