Sunday, October 26, 2008

Evil purple

Here it is, the proof, I did wear purple!
People that know me never see me wear purple because I really dislike the color (In clothing that is)
Part of the "dress up like a book character day" at our school.
The office staff and the yard duties dressed up as "Snow white and the seven dwarfs", somewhere in there I ended up being the Evil Queen.
Hmmmm, don't know why.........................
I did make a ton of pictures, there where Harry Potters and Hermione's, Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum, the king of hearts, Dorothy and Toto, the Frog prince, Cat in the hat, the Mad Hatter, Little red riding hood and the wolf/grandma, and even Frida Kahlo.
There were to many princesses to count, side by side with a lot knights and here and there an Elmo or Donald Duck.

My highlight of the day, dropping my son of to his school.
He zipped up in his sweater with hood deep over his head, hunched over. Me with purple dress with crown and white big collar.
He kept muttering something like "I am so dead" and Mooooooooom!!
Kissing him goodbye was the last drop and he ran inside his classroom................

Yesterday there was a wedding to attend, fun but exhausting.
The weather was perfect, although in the afternoon it was even a little bit too warm.
T ended up spending the night with his friends, all in the wedding party.
When I picked him up this morning he was still tired from dancing and running around.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday and PURPLE

Weird day today, another Monday.
Sometimes they fly by sometimes the clock ticks slower (I swear) it was one of those days today.
I knew why, I had a doctors appointment that I dreaded, and at work, I did not want to postpone filing paperwork, it was mounting, my desk almost tipped over (ahum)
So it had to be done.

Tomorrow another day, filing is almost done.
Now let's keep my fingers crossed that the nice people from the UPS deliver my costume in time for "dress up like a book character day" at school.
This Friday, I will be wearing PURPLE (yes, M, I know it is a rare event, only for very SPECIAL occasions)
At least I will be wearing a crown with it, if the UPS man/woman delivers on time!!
Watch for pictures next weekend, for now, here have a Cupcake

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This week was a busy one, and I was tired yesterday, my body needed rest.
So I gave in and took a little nap yesterday afternoon. Lovely, long nap.
Due to my nap there where no groceries, so that had to be done today.
So I dragged myself to the grocery store this morning, bought all the necessary items to feed the family for a week and went home.
The lady behind the register either could not speak (at all) or it was just not her day and did not want to open her mouth (at all). Weird really weird, and believe me I tried.
It puzzled me, not even an "Hello" or "Thank you".
I payed wished her a really nice weekend, maybe in a voice a tiny bit to loud. But still no sound.
When I walked away, I turned around and saw her speaking to a co-worker, so she could produce a sound that could be understood by others.
She probably needs a nap too.

On Thursday I was complemented by one of our students, a happy 5 year old that came
running up to me grabbed my hand and said : "Hi, you're a beauty".
Now, that's a compliment, I tell ya, it makes your day.
I told her she also was a beauty, she accepted the complement with: "yes I know, that what mommy says too".
We said goodbye and we both skipped back, she to her classmates, me back to my office.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Betty, Benedict and Beatrice

Of course I had to knit more bats, and after T's Benedict (red), Beatrice was born (purple).
Together with Betty (cleverly dressed in one of my favorite colors Orange) we have three little bats hanging out at our house.
Tomorrow the two girls will go to school with me, Benedict will move to the "boy cave" or otherwise known as T's room. For now they enjoyed hanging out in the Olive tree basking in the late afternoon sunlight.
I know, vampires don't like the sunlight. But these are not really Vampire Bats (promise)

If you want to knit some for yourself, I got the pattern here

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally Fall

Finally it was nice and cold when we woke up this morning, around 40 degrees. Although according to my DH it was .........(insert not so nice word) cold.
I like the colder weather, he doesn't.
Saturday morning I drove up to Saratoga to take some pictures, it was at a lovely winery and there was this fellow following us.
Probably looking for some nice and yummy human food but there was not any. Nor that I would give it to him.
On my drive home I suddenly remembered what incredible noise these animals can make. We grew up with a petting zoo practically in our backyard, only a sport field between our house and the park with petting zoo in it. Those yells would wake me up very early in the morning but for some reason I loved it.
What I also remember is the hundreds of raven that had their home in the high trees in the park. We could see and hear them and one year our neighbor brought home a young that had fallen from his nest. We raised it and gave him the fitting name of "Gerrit".

Gerrit was always in our backyard, doing always something he should not be doing.
My dad was building a garage that summer, Gerrit would sit on the wall he just made and look on, until the dog got out. Those two where in a constant battle for who could bring the other in the most trouble.
Gerrit would sit on that freshly made wall, mortar still wet and tease the dog to such a length that the dog would jump that wall and knock the whole thing down.

Gerrit also did not like to be all by himself and would knock on my bedroom window until I let him in, put him on my shoulder, walk him downstairs and let him out. Over and over again.
And one day in Fall he was gone, I like to think he found himself a nice lady bird and flew of into the sunset with her. Better than sitting on the handlebar of my bike all the way to school and then fly back.

Anyway, back from memory lane, it was a very nice and nippy weekend and finally it was time to wear our hand knit socks!!!
Now if I could only find the perfect shoe to show of those snazzy hand knits. Gotta go shopp'n soon

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My funny man

My funny man, our stand-up comedian in the making.
He has a new assignment for a presentation, due in November.
Each student can pick a state, and with 30 students and 50 states there is plenty to choose from.
There is an order in when they can pick, after their Heritage report was done and presented.
Lucky for T he was one of the first to finish, and with a good grade he could pick after Nevada and California where already taken.
His choice: Utah
A very good one, we have lots of books and pictures from past visits from the state, with the most beautiful parks in the world (if you ask T)
And I must agree, a good state to tell about.
Plus he can make his presentation in Power Point, what a great way for a kid to do a presentation and learn how PP works.
He does have to turn in his handwritten report too, bummer he likes working on the computer and is good at it too. I am still working on my Dirndl socks and really want to wear them by the time Christmas comes around. I do a few rows every evening. There is other knitting to be done for other people, but I do want these for ME!!

The front

And the back, love the changing pattern, and it is going to get even better.
Now I only need the perfect skirt or pants and shoes to go with them.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Batty over Betty

Meet Betty the Bat, isn't she cute??
T suggest now I have to knit her a little companion named Benedict. I really like that name so fitting for a little bat. So tomorrow I need to knit another one!
T's heritage report was a success and he got 198 out of the 200 points. Resulting in an A!
Every student in his class had to write a little comment on what they learned from his report.
Hilarious, J and I had a big laugh about some of them.
I saved them together with his report, so he can laugh about them when he is all grown up.
Weather forecast for tomorrow is rain! Yes............ I really hope it is going to rain, we so need the water, plus I love it!!
I just like sitting on the couch early in the morning with my cup of coffee and looking out into the garden and watching the rain.
Good news is that the groceries are in the house so we don't need to go out for anything.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Heritage report

Tomorrow is the day of the much anticipated "Heritage report".
I copied way to many pictures to fit on the board and got carried away (of course) with all the stories belonging to the people in the pictures. Maybe one day T will be interested in all the "old people" although I have to say he showed a very surprising interest in the very old pictures and the way the people looked in the "old days".
His words not mine, one of the pictures is a black and white picture of me, in the old days of course..........................
He made his own picks and glued them down according to his own standards, not his mom's (look closely you can see the path the glue bottle took)
We put his ancestors on the board, nine generations in all, only his direct line, otherwise one board was way to small.
He put a report together about the country, even printed a picture of the queen, and the route and cities of the Elf Steden tocht.
Oh, and not to mention the National anthem, even translated in English
Tomorrow we now his grade, T of course is betting on an A.
Me, I don't care, I am just glad he likes his Heritage and it gave me the chance to see all those old pictures again. (and smell them, I love the smell of old paper LOL)