Thursday, December 31, 2009

Part 3

Promise, these are the last pictures from yesterday (the fishy part that is) it is only a selection from the around 300 pictures I took. Hooray for the digital SLR and the "delete" button!!

Otters did not want to cooperate for a shoot, and did not want to sit still (but that's OK) we love them anyway. We where there for feeding time, but with so many people around there was no way I could come close enough for taking pictures.

The Kelp forest:

and then this guy, I am thinking it is a guy, because of his split lip. He probably was in a fight over a nice girl, not to mention the little "tuft" of "hair on his head! He kept looking at us, following us around, even if we moved to the other side.

We had our hands stamped for re-entry, and went for lunch here, Bubba Gump's
Lucky us we found a spot right away, because we are game for sitting in the bar area.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Part 2

More pic's from today. The touch pools are always fun, and it was busy! we did touch some starfish and learned about a starfish that lost all but one of its "legs" and was regrowing the other ones. It will take about 6 months to regrow them to the original size. See you learn something new every day.
Sardines, always fun to look at. (not eat)
And then the always mesmerizing jellyfish. Not that I would swim in a jellyfish invested water, but to look at behind glass, good!

The Aquarium, Part 1

Aarrrrgh Mateys, we ventured towards the sea again today. Goal for today, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. High on our list this time was the Seahorse Exhibit.
DS was already on the lookout!

We had heard that there were really weird and wonderful ones, but nothing prepared us for the amazing animals we saw. This one was tricky he (or she) did not want to look at me, and of course there are tons of people around who also want to make pictures. (and why do people insist on using flash??, even with big signs around that there is no flash allowed?)

Moving on, this is the "Leafy Sea Dragon". All I could do was stare in amazement at these animals. Talk about the perfect camouflage!

There was this black little one,

A little Yellow fella'

The Zebra snout horse.
Waving in the stream with his tail around the coral

And very, very tiny ones, my camera had difficulties focussing they were so smal.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


A nice lazy Sunday we had, with some knitting, reading, more knitting and somewhere in there, I squeezed in an hour of exercise.

And in the afternoon our doorbell rang, our little neighbor girl inquiring if we had seen one of her cats. We see them all the time because they have a habit of having our yard (front and back) as residence.
She told me she had not seen one of the cats for days, searched for her and heard something from our garage. So we both ventured out and opened the door.
Low and behold kitty was in there, must have been ever since DS and DH raked the yard on Thursday!!

Once out of her hiding place/prison, (not so) domesticated kitty skidded across the yard out of view. I so do hope she comes back home for food, and does not disappear in someones garage again.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beach weather

Perfect beach weather for me is a little rain, not to cold and of course the company of my boys.
Oh, and don't forget the coffee and quiche we stopped for on our way there.

A little detour on our way back, not the regular highway, but this time a by-way.
wonderful views, love it, and only an hours way drive from our home. This is why I love it here, the ever changing scenery.

Friday, December 25, 2009


For those among us who want a big tree in their house, here is a way to do it!! (on a little side note, look at the size of the car!)

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas Eve was spend with our "adoptive" Family. Of course there was good food, good company, presents for the children and the adults had lots of fun and laughter with a white Elephant gift exchange. Hours of fun guaranteed.
Once home we unwrapped our own gifts.

Of course DS had to have his favorite beverage while getting rid of all that wrapping paper from those pesky boxes he had been eying over the weeks.

While DH and DS played with their presents, I casted on for a hat for DH. No double knitting this time (never again, I don't like double knitting)

Today we spend the day indoors, just enjoying time spend with our little family and playing games. Found out DH is not that good in obstacle courses, what in turn drove DS and me into tears from laughing.
One week is already gone, one more to go before we go back to work.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas break

It is official, Christmas break has started!! The days before the break are always so busy. Preparing presents for everybody. I made everybody an ornament. Sorry, no pics, due to crammed days full of other projects.

Friday was (of course) "wear your Santa hat day" and I wore my Elf-hat from the Santa's Elf hat project. Look here I am reading the Dutch version of "hop on pop" while the kids read the English version. They love to hear a different language, and try to repeat. Always very fun, especially the Dutch "G" sounding words.

There was also one more project to be finished before Christmas eve, a pair of "princess mittens" for a little girl. I added some sparkly beads just for fun and they are of course Opera length. If you are a princess you want your fingerless mittens to be long, pink and with beads of course.
They will be delivered to Santa tomorrow.

The first Monday of our break was spend cleaning house and doing laundry followed by more cleaning and even more laundry tomorrow.
I really wish the cleaning fairies would pay us a visit tonight.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Known Universe by AMNH

Wow, makes you think how smal we are.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


One of my favorite songs!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Christmas is almost here and I just had to do some season related knitting other than socks, scarves or mittens. So I proudly introduce my new growing family of snowmen.
My collection of Palette yarn is big (no I don't own EVERY color but it is close) This for me is the perfect snowmen knitting yarn. I like to knit them on size 0 needles so the stuffing does not show through.

And look what my Secret Santa gave me today, now have a close look at the label.

Tomorrow we are going to have a nice rain storm, wonderful weather to sit by a fire, if I only had time.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I made sure Santa checked his list twice this past Saturday. You never know if he forgets that one certain family member in our household (cough, cough).

It has happened before that he forgot somebody, not naming any names here.
I do remember that twice (yes, people you are reading it right) Santa or in this case his Dutch version "Sinterklaas" forgot to put a present in his bag.

The first time Sinterklaas forgot to bring the present for "she-who's-name-we-are-not-mentioning" at his home in Spain. Everybody in her family was excited about their presents and nibbling on their Chocolate letters, while she sat there and looked around.

The following year while distributing little notes with names on them, so Sinterklaas' helpers could find presents for the person on their notes, "she-who's-name-we-are-not-mentioning" was not included in the notes. And again she did not receive a present.
This was the last year Sinterklaas was celebrated and she moved on to Santa Claus who arrives on a sleigh pulled by reindeer through the sky. Much more believable that a guy who arrives by boat and rides his horse over the rooftops.

This year she knows she is getting something from Santa, his helper just by mistake send the e-mail conformation on her present to her mail address.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Bio hazard

Back in August (where did the time go??) DS requested a hat with the bio hazard sign after a visit to the Doctors office.
And what is a mom to do?? Knit one of course, first chart out the sign, than cast on to double knit the hat.

Now he has two hats in one, yellow and black, and it is a very warm hat with the double layers. That warm that after he tried it on DH wants one too. (Yeah......)

On another note, my weekend was all spend in the Christmas spirit. On Saturday morning there was breakfast with Santa at our school. And I was the photography elf.
Talk about a busy day. This elf was pooped after that.
And yesterday we put up the Christmas tree. Now we wait for Santa to bring us some presents.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey

lalalala, my new favorite christmas song!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


I had to share this one, the best before and after picture ever!! It and other Fails can be found here

Sunday, November 29, 2009


It is Sunday, the last of the five days of not working (At our places of work that is, where they are actually paying us) We started the day of with a nice drive through the back roads. Sorry, I did not bring the camera. We stopped of course for some hot chocolate/strawberry milk/coffee on the way. Once home we made ourselves a nice lunch and again after lunch it was time for the soda-launch. Today was not as windy as yesterday and it worked much better.
Boys happy with a successful experiment and Mom happy the soda is gone!

Also started and finished this weekend, new fingerless mittens for ME this time!! Love the pattern, it is called Cancans and you can find it here.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and the start of our Secret Santa. Every year I find it so much fun to "surprise" my "victim" with little presents. It is the best part of the weeks that lead up to Christmas at work. We all sneak around with things hidden under sweaters and in bags, stalk out hall ways to see if nobody is there that can give you away. I fully enjoy this.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

in the name of Science

The boys did a little science experiment today, but not before dear mom was send to the grocery store with only three things on her list: Diet coke, Mentos and fresh bread. The last item on my list was intended for the lunch directly followed by the experiment with the newly acquired gadget especially made to make a big mess.
Of course said experiment was set up outside.

Fill gadget tube with Mentos, make sure string is attached to pin.

Pull the string to let the candy go, Run and duck for cover and make sure you watch!

It gives a whole new meaning to a "soda fountain"

and it is the quickest way to empty a bottle of Pepsi (not our brand of choice, we like the Coca-cola brand better)

We saved another rol of candy and a bottle of soda for tomorrow.