Saturday, February 28, 2009

a day at Stitches

We had a wonderful day at Stitches Megpie and me.
Before heading over to Stitches we first went for our breakfast at the Original Pancake house. I was so excited to see and smell all that yarn!!
We beelined it over to the Blue Moon booth first and I scored two Mill ends(both lightweight), one rare gem(heavy weight) and one skein of lightweight "Spawn of Braun".

Do you see my need for loud colors?? The nice lady in front of me in line had all browns, blacks and very dark colors, and then me with-my-sunglass-ready-if-you-knit-skeins-of-yarn, we look at each other and start the color conversation. Yes it is true, one always gravitates towards the same colors. For me, Green, Yellow and Orange, not the subdued colors, not the darker versions, no, I need the loud ones, can't help it, it's in my genes. No need to fight it anymore.

The two skeins on the bottom left are Tess' designer yarns.
And then there is the "speckled" skein from Pigeonroof Studios in the colorway Chard.

And last but not least some cascade 220 super wash for a certain baby not yet born, sources tell me the mom really likes red.
We headed home but not after a nice lunch at Red Robin (sssshht don't tell DS) Until next year, we'll be back!!!

Once home I just had to cast on for a new project and DS wants a hat in blue, so I balled up the blue yarn and cast on for the Syncopated cap. Of course I also had to try my brand spanking new square needles. So far I love the needles not the "limp" cord.

This morning it was time again to do some of the dreaded house hold chores. By two in the afternoon the bedding was changed, the kitchen scrubbed and the bathrooms too.
Some loads of laundry had been done and folded, DH offered to vacuum and zoomed through the downstairs.
After that it was time to relax and watch the missed episode of Hell's Kitchen.
Made a big batch of enchilada's with loads of garlic for dinner, and plenty of leftover for tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Neues aus Uhlenbusch Opening german deutsch

Oooh, memories....
I can still sing this song, so funny!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Orange, the color of the day

Look, this is my Birthday present from Megpie, she knows me well! My fondness of bright and happy colors. This yarn is sooooo beautiful and it was a pleasure to knit with. This is what I made, used up one and a half skein, the other one and a half skein will be some very nice hand warmers to go with this neck warmer.

And to keep with the color theme, here is just a little of our harvest of oranges. Who would have ever thought that we would be able to just walk into our garden and get oranges of our tree.
While living in The Netherlands this is almost impossible (unless you are the queen and have a greenhouse that big that Orange trees can grow in there)
These moments remind me that I am so fortunate to live in this country, I love it here and I can not imagine going back.

Look freshly pressed orange juice, and nice smelling oranges!!

This Friday I am taking the day off from work to go to Stitches West, I am so excited!!
A nice long weekend of wonderful yarn petting awaits!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

History lesson

While looking through our bookcase looking for one of my books about history (we have quite a few) there was this one. I took it downstairs and started reading. It tells the Dutch History from the ice age on. My favorite story, Hugo de Groot, he escaped from a life long imprisonment in a bookcase with the help of his wife and a maid.
What reminds me somewhere in our bookcase we have "het slot Loevenstein" by Oltmans, I have to read them again one of these days. The first time I read them, I must have been around 17 or 18 years old.
And then while knitting a quick pair of hand warmers for our son (special request, "can they be done today?? MOM??) There it was the title of a song I learned as a kid "In naam van Oranje doe open de poort".
The story about the Watergeuzen. I spend half the afternoon singing this, in my head mind you, I am not allowed to sing out loud!!! (Hey, there's a way to chase those Spanish people from 1572 away!!)

And while waiting for my coffee-date with a friend this morning (which never happened) I practiced some calligraphy, long time ago since that happened. Have to get some new ink, mine is almost out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Oh, yeah today was the day of my birth.
My husband and son drove out to my favorite coffeehouse to get me coffee this morning, all I can say that was early, very early.
They discovered once over there that they boarded up part of the store, on Sunday someone had tried to make an instant drive through window, by just simply drive through it (or better said in).
I was treated to coffee and breakfast in bed!!

Next followed of course the many phone calls of family.
And this afternoon we ventured out in the middle of a big rainstorm to get our lunch at
Red Robbin.
All I can say the food was good, and look, they have really nice drinks too!! YUMMMMMMM Right now I am enjoying a glass of wine, relaxing and ready to start some knitting. Although I don't think wine and knitting go good together. We will see the answer to that tomorrow morning if I end up with a glove with six fingers or so!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A poem

Our son writes poems, he has to for homework.
They are compiling a book full of poems, and he does it with such ease it is scary.
It takes him about 5 minutes to come up with one.
He looks around, and announces "oh I am going to write about cheeze-its today". He is that kind of kid that doesn't want to do his writing test, because it was just not his day. But pulls off this like he is doing it every day.

Here is one;

Rain is a drop of life on the desert of pain and death,
rain is a blast of happiness on a cold hard surface,
rain is a flood of relief when a drought happened,
rain can mean life or death.
by TK
The teacher gave them eight subjects to write about and then they had to come up with 5 of their own.
DH and I are again stunned, where does this kid get this from????

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rhinovirus and Rain

Feeling a bit better today, not really my old self but getting there. According to my DH I am a victim of the Rhinovirus, although I could not find puking the contents of your birthday cake in the symptoms.
Anyway, after a day and a half residing half awake in bed, I rolled out this morning took a shower and claimed the couch.
Nice, I was looking forward to this week of and now there is the Rhinovirus to take care of.

These are the pictures I took this week of our rainy weather, and look there is even snow on top of the hills. This one was taken while waiting in line for pickup at DS school.

And the rain from our living room window, gotta love the drops of rain against the window.
When the sun comes out between the showers we are treated to a nice rainbow, this one is taken from the driveway.

Forecast for tomorrow: more rain!! We need it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Nope, no pictures today, they are still on the camera.
Yesterday was not a good day, I barely made it until two o'clock at work. I was feeling more and more sick by the hour.
And I had to go trough several classes worth of books, the potluck lunch did not help either.
There were flowers and the sign outside the school announcing by Birthday, and the only thing I wanted to do was go home.
I did manange to take a picture of the sign outside and went into one classroom for their friendships party.

My boys did the groceries and made lunch and dinner for themselves.
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

While watching the rainclouds move in and waiting for dinner to cook, I give you these, a new pair of socks, this time for ME. The pattern is called Leyburn.
Of course I already have a new pair on the needles, and am scoping out some baby wear to knit since I have roughly about 5 months left until said knitted gifts need to be in the mail in order to arrive so my new little niece/nephew can wear them.
There is so many cute stuff out there, and I am sooooooooo tempted to knit something girlie, not pink (well maybe hot pink) but girlie.
Thinking I will start with little socks until I make up my mind.
Oh and I found out that there is such a thing for hats and scarfs for chickens, totally stylish and warm for a couple of Dutch chickens I know.
If I had chickens they would don their caps and scarves in the winter and be all happy!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bono sings America's Song with, Faith Hill, Seal e Mary J. Blige by

My favorite sone on my Ipod, only I do have a "do-not-sing-with-this-song" warning from son and husband.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekend update

Sorry, no pics of my own today, instead this pic from the Fail blog.
Saturday morning DH and DS went grocery shopping at 7 am (!) yep, and on the corner of the intersection just across the street from the fire station there was a drunk driver who happened to find a parking spot in the streetlight. He managed to drive the whole thing out of the ground.
Lucky for the driver he did only hurt himself, his car and the pole.

Sunday we decided that we had to rearrange some furniture, just moving things around involves cleaning on the spots said furniture sat. And while you're at it, just cleaning some more.
And why not do the bedding at the same time??

Next thing you know it is Monday again.
Did I mention it is February already? Time flies.......