Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moss Landing

We got up early today, the boys did the groceries and were back by 7.45 AM.
Our plan, to be at the Moss Landing Marine Labs at nine for their open house. The fog already lifted when we came (or maybe there was no fog at all last night).
We dove into all the exhibits and hands on experiments, and it was the most fun outing we had in a while. For the boys and me, it was even better that the aquarium. We learned a lot about all kinds of different things and got to ask a lot of questions (and discussions). We touched Baleen from different kind of whales, had a look at dead fish, a lot of dead stinky fish, not really my department. I do prefer them alive.
We learned about sediment, tracking all kinds of animals, using robots under water, Oceanography lots and lots more. It was REALY interesting!!

And we got to touch all kinds of different (alive) sea animals, like this predator, he is "squishy" and a pretty color.
A little Umbrella crab,

DS, trying to guess the age of a piece of coral by counting the rings of a piece through a microscope. According to him 85 years.

And he was lucky we where so early, he got to drive the SCINI ROV (remotely operated Vehicle under the sea ice) First he got to practice while in front of the tank, then they moved him and his little remote inside in front of the screen. A whole other ball game, he did very well but did say it was "very hard". He had to find different objects they placed on the bottom.

His face is so focused on this pic, love it!!

And how pretty is this little guy??? The colors just amaze me.

another starfish, this one was very fast with all his little feet, while we were talking and touching all the different animals he did several rounds in the basin.

A sea cucumber feels just like an inflated water balloon, and anemones feel "sticky" like Velcro.
and believe me this shriveled shark head is real. brrrrrrrrrrrr

We also had a nice lunch there, and by the time we where home it was one. I dropped of the boys and went out to Megpie, for a little visit.
A wonderful Saturday, and tonight fish taco's for the boys, and a Harry Potter movie to watch.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

summer temperatures

It is HOT out there, we have some record high temperatures for this time of the year. Yesterday we measured 101F.
Time to break out the water balloons for a fight. The weatherman on the news tells us that we cool down quick and fast over the weekend, only in the 70s. Fine with me, I like it just a little cooler. Perfect is around the eighties, when I can sit outside and watch the birds go by, but also go inside and do the dreaded household chores, without the airco on.

Look the fruit trees start to bloom, Oranges

And apples,

And the sky turned a beautiful orange tonight.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Next lace project

After the Laminaria shawl I have been wanting to cast on for a new lace project. Preferably something with beads, so I don't have to knit the dreaded "nupps".
I do have this wonderful new book, and my handy StitchCounter ready (recently updated app from the apple store)
So everything is in place except if I could only make up my mind on which one to start. I do have two skeins of lace weight, one pink and one blue and the beads to go with it. Look at the picture the choice is down to three flagged projects. Should be easy...........

In the meantime I started a candle flame shawl out of Noro Taiyo, a lovely soft cotton mix in just my kind of colors. It is moving along and two of the three balls are already used. Of course the baby knitting continues too.
Especially now we know we can use the pink!!!!!!! Oh yeah, it is going to be a GIRL!!
I am so ready for cute matching big brother, little sister outfits (ahum) and as an Aunt I can get away with it too.

weekend warriors

Weekend again, they seem to come and go to quickly. Look this is Friday during dinner time, weekend is in the air and DS is showing of his tortilla face! "Poof" the rule don't play with your food is right out the window.
And this morning it was a gorgeous day to wake up to, the sun is shining and the temperatures are finally nice, very nice I must say. The perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold. (note to the weather gods, please let it be this way all summer!)
Remember the trees when there were no leaves a couple of weeks ago? now I can sit in their shade!! But for now still in the sun for a little bit, with good coffee and good reading!
And how about that coffee mug?? Look it is "knitted".
A lovely gift from chickenknittle, I love my knitting friends, and look forward to sit and knit with them at every chance I can get.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today it was (is) a very, very windy day. The boys did some garden work, pulling weeds and mowing the lawn. I cleaned the kitchen, as good as I could without getting dizzy. Today was my third week anniversary since surgery and boy it is a big difference!! I have to say the dizzy spells are not fun at all, and if I make myself do all kinds of things I should not yet do according to the doctor it goes wrong.
Sunday after the Easter party, I had to lay down in a dark and silent room for an hour in order to feel better. Overdid it big time.
My hearing is coming back with force, and is amazing, the volume of the TV is coming down and understanding what people say to me is so wonderful. No more guessing or simply saying "yes" and hoping you have it right.

Here is the latest sock, waiting for it's mate, knitted in record time, only three days!! The pattern only has lace across the foot, adding lace on the leg seemed logical to me, the foot is going to hide in a shoe anyway.
Love this sock and casting on for the second one tomorrow!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter knitting

What did I make for the Easter baskets that were handed out yesterday???
Knitted on size 0 needles with Palette yarn from Knit Picks, it looked like this, Then after some stuffing, and embroidering they looked like this,
and with a ribbon and a flower on their packages,

We ended up like this!

I so love these little chicks, I am thinking of knitting more but then in other animals. Maybe give them ears and make it into little cats and dogs.......

Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everybody!! We had a wonderful day, we spend our morning at home, just doing fun things like sleeping in (me) and playing computer games together (husband and son).
In the afternoon we drove over to friends and searched for eggs, watched the kids whack the pinata, always a crowd pleaser and very, very fun. We enjoyed very good food and company and of course there was the raw-egg-toss. The boys ended up in third place and with no raw egg on their clothing (pheeew).

Talking about eggs, there was this science project that came home on Thursday, the egg with the dissolved scale. After sitting in the kitchen for two days, it was time for the thing (doesn't it look disgusting?) to go.
Of course we had to see how it would hold up if touched and how it would splat in the ground.
So here it goes: Yuk, I don't like raw eggs, ever since as a child I saw one of our family friends eat a raw egg, she loved them and ate it as a snack, I gagged and have to shudder. I am all for any gross-out science project. But eggs........

Outside is fine, and with the garden hose the smelly thing was quickly washed away. Notice the shoelaces, they were wet when the whole deal was done, and I for one don't want to tie these shoes, thinking of where those laces have been.
Talk about jinxing it, I knitted a pair (they are done) of pink baby socks. could not resist, this ball of yarn was sitting in my stash and was calling me.

They are so cute, but I do know that "real boys wear pink" so my little sis is getting them anyway. Only 20 more weeks or so to go, and then we will know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It was a nice spring day today, sunny and partly cloudy, warmer outside than inside our house.
We ventured out this morning, the boys wanted to go bowling. I decided I had enough sitting at home and risked the "vomit comet" drive to MH. It is getting better, my dizziness is slowly fading away. I sat and cheered the boys on while they bowled. Afterwards we where hungry, and went to that chicken place. We had not been there in a very, very looooooong time. Their fries are the best! Here is our DS, enjoying a "snacker".

The workweek was short, only four days. It did not go so well, I felt really dizzy some times and as a result got very bad headache and my ear started to hurt. Every day once home I had to lay down in order to feel better.
Hopefully with this week off it will go much better, I have so much to do at work, it is not even funny anymore, plus testing starts in two weeks!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Little chick

Meet Little Chick, our new best friend. Isn't he cute??? Little Chick loves to travel, so I think tomorrow he is going to school with me. Maybe after I knit him a little companion, so he doesn't get lonely.Went back to work today, and it was more dizzying that I expected. By the end I did not feel well and once home I had to lay down, to stop the world around me. After a few hours it was OK again. But let me tell you, tomorrow, this girl is going home a little earlier and taking it a little bit more slow. Me???? hard headed????? Or "Eigenwijs". Yes I admit it I am.

Only three more days and then Easter break starts, DS is looking forward to Easter Sunday, can you say "EGG HUNT" there is nothing better that a nice Sunday afternoon with lots of friend and a good old egg hunt!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

some FO's

Look what I got on Friday, Tulips!! deep purple and yellow Tulips. Today I took out the yellow ones and put them in a different vase, they where growing faster as the purple ones and needed to be cut. Because we all know that Tulips keep growing, and in order to keep them longer one needs to cut them shorter every once in a while.

Today I took my first "real" outing after surgery, we went to have coffee and sit in the sunshine on a nice terrace. The car ride over was not that bad, only two times I felt like I sat in the "Vomit Comet". Once on the way there and once on the way back. LOL
When we came back my new books had arrived, yay!!! I ordered this one, and this one, and this one.
I can't wait to pick out a new lace project, remember the Laminaria shawl from last June? It is finished. The last few rows where done last week, there were four more rows left plus the bind off and with 600 stitches each, it took a while. Most of the counting was already done, so perfect knitting for somebody who gets dizzy from knitting to fast. Really I would have never thought that I could get nauseated from looking at my own hands knitting but it happened. My inner ear organs are playing weird tricks on me.

But it is done, and I am quite pleased with it. I can't wait to wear this one!!

And I started these before I went and had my ears done, easy knitting, but not boring, just simple socks. Jan is suggesting that I stay up tonight and finish the second one, so he can wear them tomorrow. (yeah, right)

And to top it off, this is the Fountain pen shawl, not from lace weight yarn but done with Noro Silk garden sock, no "nupps" knitted, but with beads. This one was a very quick knit, and took one skein.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a sock to finish.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Feeling better

Finally I feel a bit better, after being couped up at home for about a week and a half, I went to the doctors office on Thursday and he gave the OK for me to go back to work on Monday.
But for at least another month (until I have to go back for another check-up) I am not allowed to lift heavy things, bent over, run, do exercise etc.
The car ride over to the hospital was still a roller coaster ride, and every once in a while I am still dizzy. DH doesn't think it is safe for me to drive yet, so I am still stuck.
Lucky for me I have a companion when alone. He is a real talker and is oh, so happy to be with me out of his cage. His favorite spot is the chair, or right next to me on the table. I know this is not the sharpest of pictures, but here he is. Of course I did some light knitting over the past few days and made this Bunny. He is ready for Spring with his sporty hoody. He has no name yet, waiting for DS to come up with a name.