Sunday, May 31, 2009


While cleaning my craft area this Saturday, I came across the drawer of beading supplies. Ooooh, shiny, and after finishing my cleaning chores there was nothing that could stop me to play with shiny tiny beads. Little bead roses in different colors, so cute. And on one I added a band and turned it into a fashionable ring.
The weekend came and went again, gone before you know it. Saturday afternoon DS announced he had a headache and plopped on the couch, ten minutes later he started feeling "not really that good" and before we knew it we were steam vacuuming our couch and floor, cleaning bathrooms (not once but several times) and doing loads of laundry. Needles to say he was sick.
Today he was feeling a bit better, but was very weary of eating anything.
Lucky for him he has the day of tomorrow because it is "teacher record keeping day".
Two more weeks, and then I can sleep in for a few weeks!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Friday

This week is just crazy and flies by, did not even had time to knit on my Monkeys. A late meeting on Tuesday and the ELAC Ceremony on Wednesday night kept me at work even when I came home there was something to do for school. Spend my time this evening weeding through all the photographs that I took over the year so there can be a slide show made for the end of the school year.

Found a great app. for my ipod that makes pictures into kaleidoscopes, so here is one of my pictures totally different. Always had a weak for Kaleidoscopes so this is totally cool. It can entertain me for hours.
Oh, and if somebody has a little bit more time on his/her hands than I do these days, here is a suggestion, make a dress out of your old phone books. Always good for recycling, unique and this way you always have the phone numbers ready.
It came from this website, one of my favorites.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day knitting

My monkeys, as of this morning, four repeats in. Already claimed by my DS because they are in blue his favorite color. And just because I can, started my new lace knitting project, lots of beads, 120 and counting so far.
And some pretty weeds from the garden, if weeds are pretty like this do we kill them??? no, we cultivate them to get more! LOL

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason Mraz - Im Yours w/ Lyrics(: Watch this vid; PLEASE!

and sing with me out loud so every family member will beg you to stop!!


Friday was the day, our whole school went running and walking. We ran/walked rounds in the field, every round counted by bracelets wrapped around our ankles. There were blue mats placed at the beginning of the round and while stepping on them you where greeted with a happy "beep", sign that another round was completed.
The weather was perfect, nice and cool in the morning with an overcast and after an hour the sun came out.
The best thing was that all the kids got a healthy dose of exercise, and having fun at the same time.

Besides the walking there was face painting, rubber duck toss, wheel of fortune etc. and don't forget the typical food that goes with this event.

And afterwards, this was the sight, the place was empty, the food all gone and the kids went home, hopefully nice and tired.
My rest of the afternoon was filled with doing the groceries needed from Costco and some clothes shopping for DS ( he keeps on growing and growing).
The boys opted out of the shopping and went to the theater for the new Terminator movie (really not my "cup-of-tea).
Saturday was "Monkey" day, the start of our KAL (knit-a-long) everyone started the same sock, only different ways of knitting, there was toe-up and cuff-down, purl and no-purl and one or two at a time all in different combinations. Can't wait to see all those finished socks!!
I am knitting them two at a time cuff down, and am three pattern repeats in.
Pictures to follow soon.
For now I have to start dinner, steaks tonight!!!
Tomorrow another day off from work, Memorial day, anybody care to join me to watch the parade???? boys don't want to go..............
I loooooooooove parades!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

No "nupps" about it.

Look another FO, this one was a fairly easy and quick knit, the pattern was easy to memorize. the only thing that took some time was adding the beads but I figured better put the beads in there than the "nupps" or as DH calls them "knitted nipples".
Better not risk wearing a scarf that has more than a hundred "nipples" on it.
The yarn used is the Ultra Alpaca fine, lovely to knit with a great soft feel to it. But only having one skein, I ran out at 21 repeats and the pattern asks for 32, still it is a nice size and I know the perfect person to gift it to.

Tomorrow a busy day, we are having the Rod Trod at our school, a yearly walking/fundraising event where the kids walk around the field and for every mile walked they get a ticket to spend at the carnival stands put up on the blacktop. And there are prices for the most laps walked by every grade level. And of course (healthy) snacks can be bought, families are welcome. It is just one big party for them.
Very tiring for me, with the tittle "paparazzi", on days like these it takes me a few days to recover. (RA really sucks) but it is a three day weekend!!
And on Saturday the "monkey" KAL starts with a "kickoff" at Megpie's. Now I have to take my camera and record all the different methods and yarns and, and, and.
Looking forward to that, a nice way to relax with friends after being so busy at work.
On Tuesday the madness starts again to prepare for the ELAC awards held on Wednesday.
Ohhhhhhh, happy weekend, how I look soooooooooooo forward to you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Another week has passed, I swear this time of the year, right at the end of the school year my days at work are CRAZY. But I have to admit it is kind of fun, we have the Rod Trod coming on next Friday, and then there is the Ceremony for all the English learners the week after. And with only four more weeks until Summer vacation the kids are all over the place.

This weekend it was really really hot outside, so I kept the chores to a minimum and did those Saturday morning. I did do some knitting when it was cooling down in the early evening while still light outside. And I can hear my knitting friends screaming right now that I don't need a light while knitting with this yarn. Believe me the picture does this color no justice. It is screaming highlighter yellow, as yellow as a yellow can possibly be.
And I like it!!! The pattern is called "Twisted Flower".

Look our yard needs some extra watering in some spots, don't know if it will help but DH thinks water is going to do the trick, we both think it needs fertilizer, but it was too hot to go to the hardware store to get some (read, we were to lazy)

And with the open house of DS next week, there was one more science project to tackle last week. His choice "what fabric burns the quickest or what NOT to wear".
Of course DH was happy to set fire on the different samples provided from my stash and with the silk sample coming from a class mates mother. (THANK YOU) and all the findings where documented and put on a board for display. His conclusion was that you don't want to be caught in a fire storm wearing a cotton top (will go up in flames) and nylon pants (will melt and stick to your skin). Good thing his mother knits those nice woolen things for him.
Best thing of all, doing the happy dance with my hands in the air, this was his last project!!! oh, yeah, oh yeah. Hopefully Middle school will be all about NO projects (hey, a girl can dream) because NO projects stands for NO DRAMA!!!

This afternoon there was swimming done in the neighbours pool, and for me some knitting on my lace project. Tomorrow morning it is back to school!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Greg Pritchard - Britain's Got Talent - Show 5

OMG, does a dog meow??? But it is good

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Never Not Knitting Theme Song

You know what I am doing on Mothersday, Knitting, theeheee

A whole lot of busy

It has been one busy week, the testing went on and on, and there was an h1n1 virus scare last Friday at DS school and they closed down the school just for one day, to test a number of students. Luckily it was just a severe case of the sniffles and the school opened again on Monday.
Never a dull day in both schools DS and mine. It was also Teacher appreciation week, and I have been spoiled rotten with presents, flowers and loads of food the whole week. Yesterday we even had caterers come in to prepare us lunch courtesy of the Parent club. We are so lucky at the school where I work to have such an active and nice Parent club.

The result of the busy last two weeks is that I did not do that much of knitting, today I finally finished my Kai-Mei socks. Added a lace panel up the leg so the lace does not all hide in my shoes.

I really like them and after the pictures taken by DS they went into hiding! ready to come out when I want to wear them :-)
We were also running low on cards, so I sat down and made a batch.

Oh, and three pair of baby socks were knit and one pair was given away to our school nurse who is becoming a grandmother for the second time this fall. There is already another pair in the making. I love knitting these little ones, perfect for leftover sockyarn and supercute!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Look Around You - Maths (With download)

Anti-Gary gum, a must have!!!!