Sunday, August 30, 2009


The last few days have been very, very warm. Not just warm, hot! A hundred plus, "no-one-wants-to-go-outside-voluntary" hot. And of course our AC decided to have a mind of his own and not work.
Today it was a bit, just a tiny bit better and this morning we headed out for some coffee, and a little ride through the country side before the heat came back.

There was also other big news this week, on Tuesday our little cousin/niece was born. Her name is Kinley and she is a healthy little girl with a very proud big brother!
Not to mention very happy parents and grandparents, no need to say this little girl is going to be spoiled!!
This week a box with knitted goodies is going to be mailed with many more to come (I just can not resist knitting little things)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

about signs and mustaches and medals

Weekend is almost over, got some great knitting done. Last week after a doctors visit because of his cough and sore throat, DS really wanted a hat with the bio hazard sign. His swab for strep throat started all this.
The doc. put it in a baggie with this sign on it, and he could drop it off at the lab himself. He loved it. Lucky for him it turned out not to be strep, and he got medicine for his cough.

Of after some research we found a chart for a bio hazard sign with the right colors and this mother started knitting. It is going to take a while, because I decided to double knit this one, so he can wear it at two sides.

DS loves it so far, and lucky for me it is not cold enough outside yet to wear it. And while knitting in the garden my regular visitor came to hang out with me. She also loves the wool, only the 100 percent wool that is. I think it is the smell, she does not want to play with it, but only sniff it.

Talking about sniffing, yesterday evening I really needed something funny to knit, the boys were watching "War of the Worlds", lets just say it is not my kind of movie. While I almost peed my pants laughing they really could not see the humor for my little mustache

Almost forgot, on Friday night I also made a little medal, for a certain little boy in the Netherlands who is almost a big brother.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Lyrics

This song makes me totally happy, only singing out loud makes my DS want to "crawl to the neighbors"

Back to school

We are back in school, for me it was a whole week, for DS it started Thursday. We all got up very early on Thursday, mainly because I wanted to be at school before the "parents-bring-their-kids-and-park-anywhere" mad dash began.
One has to believe and see how bad traffic gets the first few days of school. There is absolutely no where to park, even not in the designated areas for personnel.
It is a crazy thing, and a miracle nothing happened so far. Only thing worth mentioning was the parent who tried to drive their child to school over the FOOT bridge. yeah, enough said.
Pick up can be a challenge too, take for example the person who parked their car in front of the driveway for the pickup, as a result the pick up lane was blocked. What to do, well HONK your horn of course, not once, not twice (lost honking count quickly) but repeatedly.

Of course I had to take a pic of a "reluctant" child on his first school day, he is a middle schooler now, and they do not volunteer for pictures anymore. When I picked them up on Friday he was "hanging with his friends". Can you imagine that two months ago he was worried that there was no playground at his new school??

The week came and went very quickly and finally today I finished the Ulmus shawl. it reminds of Sunflowers and Fall, now I can't wait until it is cold enough to wear it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A new Tiger in the backyard.

We have a new Tiger in the back yard, no kiddin' .
DS has named this (cutie) kitty "Tiger", here he is hanging out on the fence keeping an eye out for the birds.
But he is too nice to eat them, he warns them if the Black and white Tiger is on the prowl.

It was a slow day today, the only thing accomplished was the cleaning of the green car, it got new breaks on Sunday and was hard overdue for a big cleaning, inside and out. DS and I started very early, while it was still cool outside. He is a good help, and after about an hour the car was clean.

After lunch while DS was playing his x-box, I started a new project.
Just simply could not resist any longer, I have been looking at all the different Ulmus shawls for a long time now.
And this combination has been talking to me for a while too. Perfect for the Fall.
It is a very easy slip stitch pattern, so easy I had to Tink back a few times. Clearly counting to four is very difficult.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to......

Picture this, a pair of socks is finished, and one needs to show them of on Ravelry (and blog) BEFORE DH gets a hold of them.
Nobody around willing to put said socks on in order for me to take the photographs. Son is doing his daily reading, and is all of a sudden very interested in the book.
You are stuck to doing it yourself.

Of course I could wait, or ask a neighbor. But no, I have to do it NOW.
Here is the result, no comment on how the picture was taken or what position I had to be in to show of the nice stranded sides and soles.

I really liked doing these socks (proof that they were finished within a week) and am thinking of doing another pair. DS is requesting a pair with skulls or computer gaming symbols, have to think about that for a while and get out pencils and graph paper.

DS is getting excited to start school again, and so am I.
And I am really looking forward to the fall, and Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas.....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Netherlands in 1985: Friese elfstedentocht / Eleven cities tour

Oh, I remember this, I was there cheering skaters on, in Bartlehiem. Can't believe that was 24 years ago!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Two socks is a pair??

We had a visitor over this week, three years ago he moved with his family to Iowa. We kept in touch and this week the boys got a chance to play again. It was fun to hear them talk and laugh, watch them play Lego's and games.
And both have freckles, (sssssssssttt can't say this out loud) but I happen to think this is soooooo CUTE!! Almost all my friends are in Portland OR, at the Sock Summit. I was supposed to join, but last minute had to cancel. BUMMER, big bummer.
But it was a good cancel reason, so it is all good. And Megpie is keeping me up-to-date on all the happenings. (Thank you!)
So because everybody is sock knitting, joining in was a no brainer. Here you go my own design, a a pair for DH. one sock finished.

And then another pair for me, knee highs from Noro yarn, one sock finished.

Next week is the last week of our summer break, another school year is going to start.
And to celebrate that it is almost Fall, this afternoon there was some experimenting with wool dyeing and Kool-aid. Need to get more colors because it is FUN!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Just had to share this one today.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


OK, just a few more pictures, just for the fun of it. Can't help it but making pictures of signs is so much fun.
We had lunch in this place, and it is very assuring that in a case of fire, one knows that this is NOT an exit!!
scary, yeah I know.

And where ever we go, Gilroy Garlic keeps following us.

And as most of my friends know, I love colors, lots of it.

Hot Dawg, I love color!!!

Only I don't know if this is a name of choice for a place that sells sausages (just sayin')

Of course we did not walk here, we took the walkway, just like the sign tells you to.

And because I can't go to the sock summit and want to do something with socks this weekend so I can be there in spirit with most of my knitting friends, a new pair of socks was started. My own pattern. All that can be said so far it has fair isle and cables.........

Monday, August 03, 2009

Red nose

We wanted to go for a drive and then have lunch somewhere at the beach, this is were we ended up. We ate lunch first, across the street, and then hit the rides.
For the first time DS went alone on some of the rides, and all I can say it is even more scarier to watch your child go on the ride and worrying if everything goes OK, than actually sitting next to him.
Every time he got the instructions to "hold on". DH even asked a girl that was checking the closures of the shot thingy, if she was sure it was close and safe.

It was close and he went up, very high while we watched him go.

DH and I both have a little sunburn, his neck and my nose are nice and red. Amazingly DS has none.
Tomorrow a total different day, work, chores, laundry and some school shopping are on our schedule.