Monday, October 26, 2009

Piano stairs -

excercise people, can be fun!!!

Wildlife and more

A few more pictures from my weekend away,
The little girl fountain in front of our house An interior shot, hmmm do I see yarn???? and pattern books hauled in a suitcase fitted to hold enough clothing for a three week vacation.

Wild life

And lots of nature shots

And the dining room, in the wonderful building all build out of "green" materials.

It's Monday and in a few days it is Halloween, can't wait to get the tricksters to the door. So funny if there are kids from my school coming to our door, I open it and they are so surprised that I don't live at school but actually in a home!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Getaway

After a few weeks of being very, very busy at work it was finally time for our knitting retreat!! I had been looking forward to this for a very long time! Before I could go, it was our annual "Dress up like a book character day" at school. This day sneaked up on me and panic set in what book character to choose?? Of course there are many, many to choose from, but it has to be something or some one the kids would know.

Fancy Nancy to the rescue. I donned my Tiara and pink/silver hair like a real Fancy Nancy, complete with shoes and bright pink knee highs and skirt. Only thing is I had to leave a bit early in order to make it to our retreat. While on the freeway I did have one car slow down and look into the car. What??? a grown woman with a plastic glitter tiara, and jewels in her hair?? Once at the center there was time to chance into "normal" clothes and was the crunchy glitter/paint out of my hair.

This is where we went, and had a very, very good time!! Saturday morning a Banana slug showed up on our porch, and we happily shared our space with him/her.
We even had our own reserved table in the dining room, a wonderful bright space with (very important) lots of coffee.

Knitting on the porch was lovely, even more lovely with company, the evenings we spend inside watching Ice Age movies and knitting and chatting (and some drinking was involved, cough, cough)

The side view of our cottage, a lovely Craftsman style house with lots of charm and a nice front porch.

There was also some "huffing and puffing" on Saturday also known as a nice walk in the woods.

We walked on the trail and found this sign at the end of the trail, guess we walked it finish to start. I just love the way they did the word "snakes".
We did not see any of the dangerous animals listed, only some wild boar tracks, we did however see some "unlisted" wildlife if you count the squirrels who played catch on our roof and in the trees and the deer in front of the house.

Tomorrow, back to work and I will post some pictures of the actual knitting that was done over the weekend!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mr Bean - Meeting Royalty

Meeting the Queen, so funny

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall weather

Finally we have some nice fall weather, nice and cool in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. And the weatherman (or woman) promises us some rain in the next week. We really could use some rain.
Work is crazy as usual, but I did find time to knit four more cupcakes during the week. Sorry, there are only three in this picture, one made its way to a teacher from my school. I started giving them instead of birthday cards, and they are a BIG hit.

And with those sunny nice days, we went out for some coffee and DS loves a good bagel with cream cheese.
after the coffee we took the long way home, it is such a nice view from the hills into the valley.

We also tackled DS bedroom today, old toys out for goodwill, bagging up some clothes that don't fit anymore and doing some vacuuming and cleaning. Now he has a sparkling, no toys, almost grown up room.
Mom happy, he happy. Now if I only could make him wash his own clothes and clean his own bathroom.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


With another busy week behind us, and a whole day of cleaning. Well almost a whole day, this afternoon was spend by me making some more cards for Halloween. The weather finally cooled down to a very nice temperature, not to cold and not to hot, DH does not agree and already thinks it is way to cold.
I had to take a picture of the moon this evening, we need the hour change to go in sooner instead of three weeks later. I for one love the winter months and the darker afternoons.

DS spend his afternoon playing games, and went out for an ice cream run with DH, when they came home they treated me to a Starbucks (gotta love the boys)

And look, Chickwithsticks brought us some white chocolate milk that turned a purple/blue color and had a berry flavor.

The picture does not show the color of the milk really well, but believe me it was ppppurple!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

School Answering Machine

Now this is funny!! No need to say what I think about this one!