Friday, April 23, 2010


There is a battle in this household between the men, one hates Cauliflower (I wonder why) the other one does not like Broccoli at all!
When they do groceries together, to even it out they toss each others cough-favorite-cough veggie in the cart. Fine with me, I don't mind eating either of them (if I prepare dinner)

For two weeks in a row now we have been eating both veggies. Tomorrow is grocery day, and it is their turn to do the Groceries while I clean house. Wonder what is on the menu this coming week...........

Hopefully this week I get Brusselsprouts!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

socks with flowers

I can't say enough about these socks, they where so much fun to knit that as soon as this pair was finished I cast on for another pair in different colors.
This pair has just the right amount of color work and construction to keep it fun, and with the plain knitting in between make for the perfect TV/not TV knitting combo.

And what makes it the best pattern of all, DH announced that this was definitely not the socks he would wear, ever!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


You don't want to get caught in these teeth. Guesses anyone?? (it's a killer whale) Snails that live in the sea are very very pretty in color, and poisonous to eat by the way hence the color. But safe to hold on your hand.
Oooh, pretty color combo, I have to use this combo in an upcoming sock pattern!

Abalone, not so pretty to look at but interesting.

The boys had fun looking at the different animals.

Learning all about waves trough plastic bottles, also very interesting if it is "hands-on"

Catching Krill, one of the boys got to release the net.

Best buds

Me??? picture??

Walking towards the car, and back home the fun is over.

It was a beautiful day, fur sure.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moss Landing

Somebody had his Birthday party today. We took the boys to the open house of the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory. What is better than microscopes, computers and gooey stuff to touch. The gang all happy after a BBQ lunch.
Petting the resident pug complete with tracking device on his back. Makes me think I need two of those to track DH and DS at all time.

Watching life footage of a sea turtle diving and feeding on jellyfish, I am seriously considering switching to this than cable TV, we had a hard time getting the boys to move to the next station.

Touching sea urchins, snails and other creatures is always entertaining no matter what age, and they did not even notice that they where being filmed!
Here they were trying to figure out what miniature fish ear bone belonged to what fish.

And trying to determine what shark eats what by it's stomach contents. No worries people it was all edible jello.

My favorite sea creature looks like it came straight out a computer game. It is a Dumbo Octopus

With lots of dead fish to touch and look at, and no not eat, I do not ever eat fish, don't worry

More pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources"
~ Albert Einstein ~

DS has a school project to do, he has to read a Biography, write about it and make a hand puppet resembling that person. When finished the whole thing needs to be performed in front of his class. Noted that our son has no creative gene in his body, none, nada, ziltz.

So we are doing this one *cough*together*cough*. Look that is his hand holding Albert's head. Granted he did help with the hair.
Tomorrow we will make his body and I am thinking mitten with two "thumbs" so it can be used as a hand puppet.
Any ideas for clothing??

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Skewt up

I Skewt up my sock pattern from last post, first sock is fine.
The second one, well lets just say I was in the "groove" of knitting the foot and just kept going.
It would have fitted that big snowman guy if he would have could feet. Took the sock with me while the car was in for a smog check, sat down and finished the ankle part.
When done with the "you now have twelve stitches between the markers" I stopped to admire my work. Then it hit me, the first one was not that long, and how could there be a mistake in counting?? Duh, I counted the rows on the wrong side of the foot and just kept going.

Oh, well once home I frogged (ripped) back to the correct point, put it back on the needles, put it back in the bag and started a new pair of socks. This pair has pretty flowers on the toes and heel.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Skew you!

One sock done, of course I had to keep knitting to see how the pattern would turn out.
It is a bit big on my foot, but there is already somebody in this household (not naming any names but we all know who) who wants them when done. For a moment I was afraid there would not be enough yarn and after a quick trip to the scale I learned that there is just enough for the second one. Hence the second color, if I run out it is going to be not that a big of a deal.
I like them a lot, thinking already of a next pair, with some stranded fish or other little figures in it.
Tomorrow it will be a nice relaxing day, it is going to rain (yay) so there is going to be some more reading and knitting, cooking is done, eggs boiled, Easter is around the corner!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

The "aha" moment

Knitting this pattern and it is the most entertaining, baffling sock pattern I have ever knit.
It looks weird, but if I look at the picture it looks really promising, I love the band that wraps the heel.
And for some reason I can't stop knitting until I have that heel.
almost there, hopefully it fits, pattern says size 8.5, my feet are "coughslightylargercough" and I did knit a little more on the foot.
Not going to bed until I have grafted the heel, and had the "aha" moment the pattern promises me.