Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dinner and a beer

We made it in time for dinner in Fort Bragg, the North Coast brewing company was on our "to go" list.
We ordered the sampler and DH and I shared tasting, of course accompanied by food. We all had the Hamburger, and let me tell you that was the best hamburger we ever had! Our favorite beers after tasting, Le Merle and The Pranqster. Both can compete with the most Belgian beers we love.
Of course we bought some of both of these. Only wish we could buy these locally somewhere!

After dinner we took a stroll around town and did some window shopping.
I might need one of these wigs, totally awesome!!

And they have a real butcher shop here, something I would go to all the time while living in The Netherlands.

And look there is a better name for the "comb over".

And how about "Eggheads" for a restaurant name??

And there was this little store with "Understuff", jokes from DS and DH all around.

After this post we go back to regular "at home adventure" posts.


It is almost time to head towards home again, but first we stop at Trinidad and we are hoping to reach Fort Bragg by dinner time.

Trinidad is a lovely little town and they have this place where you can drink a cup of coffee and have the most delicious grown up grilled cheese sandwich in the world!! Actually it was so good, that DS after chomping down an enormous bagel with an obscene amount of organic cream cheese stole half of my grilled cheese and ate it!! And he does not even like melted cheese. That to me says it all!! This kid does not mind the fresh tomatoes and the spinach or any kind of veggies, but melted cheese.......

After lunch we strolled down to the lighthouse and down to the beach.

I could sit there all day, knitting and coffee at hand and look out over the sea.

Friday, July 30, 2010

searching for Agate

After our little hike we drove over to Agate beach at Patricks' point state park to search for some Agates. It is a little hike up and down to the beach, but oh, so much fun to dig around all those little pebbles perfectly polished by the sea.

And the view is breath taking (after the climb back up)

Our next stop Trinidad!

Lady bird Johnson Grove

Early in the morning we hiked the Lady bird Johnson Grove, with the fog in the air and no one around I was expecting a dinosaur to come out any minute. There were also lots and lots of these spiderwebs build like little nets to catch the drops from the fog.

And we even found a Tiger Lilly, standing all alone making the forest a bit more prettier! See the forest likes Orange too!!

Now some tree pictures just for good measure.

The Redwoods

We made a stop at the visitors center, Looked at some Roosevelt Elk laying in the grass

don't worry, I really think they are to big to stand close to.

It is really lovely here.

We looked at this, and wondered what the word would be like in 1148. We googled the year and found out that the second crusade was going on. Louis VII of France was attacking Damascus.

And in the year 2010 this teenager was not so happy his mother was taking yet another picture of him.

I think a hike early in the morning is in order.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Ocean

After a day driving through the twist and turns of Hwy 299 . We reached the beach and the cooler weather, aaahhh!! we wandered the beach for a bit and decided we would go up the 101 a bit so we could be ready for the next day exploring the Redwoods.

We ended up in Klamath, and after seeking advice with Morty, we thought we give this motel a try.

Turns out Motel Trees is very clean, and I mean VERY clean!! a plus because the place we stayed in the night before was so so, you know the traditional hotel/motel smell and the bed that does not really feel like it is clean although it has clean sheets. But maybe we are picky that way.

And a trail to the beach starts right behind the Motel. It's about a mile hike round trip and oh, so worth it!!

Next stop, the Redwoods!!!