Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank you!!

The mail came this afternoon, somebody was very eager to get the mail out of the mailbox, it was like he was expecting something.

whoohooo, he came back skipping and jumping.........

No need to say what the rest of his afternoon looked like. He is one happy teenager!
Thank you Santa, and he is going to write a letter, a long one..........

Rainy day knitting

Yesterday I started these from the Alice Starmore book. I have had the book for a while now and the mittens where on my "to-do" list for a long time.
A rainy afternoon and two teenagers playing games and watching episodes of Top Gear, gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down, pick colors and start.
The pattern asks for seven colors and choosing those is the hardest part. I really wanted something muted (hey, in my world these are muted colors!)

By the end of the evening, it was late, the house was quiet and I was in knitting heaven, the mitten grew and was after the thumb gore.

There are also these, knitted up last week, very very quick knit, one evening watching a movie and before you know it one is done! This pair is going to be a gift, so ssssst don't tell anybody

Thursday, December 23, 2010


There has been some crafting around here, after cleaning and organizing the loft slash craft room, I was itching to do some beading with new discovered beads. Don't you just love it when there are little treasures to be found when you do some organizing?
In the evening I have been knitting and this morning I just blocked my second hat (more on that tomorrow, it is still wet)
And I made it a brooch to match!! Hah!!

After playing with the leftover blue beads for the brooch, it was time for something more intricate,

enter tiny seed beads and some nice red crystals, making eight little triangular segments, and viola, one beaded bead done!

Pictures are taking with my macro lens and due to the not so sunny weather there where some light issues.

There was however some sunshine and I took my newly knitted hood/hat outside for a test run.
It is nice and warm and I will model it sometime next week if I can find a model or time to put on some make-up and comb my hair. (Hey, I have vacation, I am entitled to a pajama day)

Tomorrow I am tracking Santa on Norad, how about you?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Over in The Netherlands it looks like this:

I know it sounds really crazy, but I like that kind of weather. It has been so long that one forgets how cold it can be and not much fun if you have to go somewhere on your bike.

It is raining here, and DS is watching movies and reading books while I do chores in the house. Today my craft room got a makeover and a good cleaning and dusting. Now I can't wait until tomorrow so I can pull out the beads and make something shiny.

oops, I think he noticed......

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The proof

See here the proof, I baked cookies, me the never can bake a cookie right person!
They where going to be "glitter balls" with a ginger and honey filling.
Four dozen, so there where eight dozen balls to make because they had to be "glued" together with the filling according to Martha.

They before baking you roll the balls through "Dusting Sugar", never knew there was such a thing as sugar for dusting.....
We had Yellow (was supposed to look Golden) and Multi glitter.

And there they are, my balls compared to the magazine picture. Yeah, don't say anything.......

Most important though, the boys and even I agreed they tasted good. And the packaging was cute too, the perfect diversion to the "I-am-not-a-pastry-chef" cookie exchange.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Two glorious weeks of no work, only home chores to do, the vacuum cleaner, the washer and dryer never get a vacation. Nor do I in the "home-keeping" department.
But It does mean more time to do some crafty stuff, watch movies and read a book.

And today was the day of the cookie exchange (pictures of my cookies in a later post)
I thought I could disguise my baking skills with a cute wrapping of said cookies.
So I knitted cute little mittens as toppers for my baggies.

Here are some of them, after two or three plain ones, I started playing, there is one with beads, one with two colors green and a striped red/white one. After those adventures I did decide that they looked way better plain.

Maybe next year I'll knit myself a garland of mittens, so cute!!
Here is the pattern.
It is very easy to memorize and if I had to stop I used my trusted Ipod Stitchcounter, I listen to podcasts a lot while knitting, very relaxing!!

THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY - ( or Christmas 2.0 )

This one is so much fun!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

What I did over the weekend beside dancing the night away on Friday?
Taking Santa pictures, waaaaaaay to many Santa pictures.
What followed in a Sunday (and half of Monday) editing the pictures in cute frames with snowflakes.
Almost done and almost ready to be printed by our parent club tomorrow.
To top it of I am getting another cold, my nose by now is just as red and glowing as Rudolf's.

And I have three more little "thingies" (tell ya later, with pictures of course, otherwise I spoil the surprise) to knit.
Not to mention the cookie exchange that is looming over my head like a dark cloud.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pompoms on your head

Because I forgot to blog about the felted hat I made with the Mohawk that changed ownership so lightning fast that pictures where not taken at all.
This time just before this hat changed owners, I remembered to take pictures, even though they are "crappy" (out of the mouth of teenagers.....) But that is what you get at 7.30 in the morning.

So here it is the Mohawk with "balls", I think the next one is going to have flowers and beads!

Sunday, December 05, 2010


It was December fifth today, and Sinterklaas forgot to stop by in the US. Not that it really matters, we just wait until the Saint changes out of his "European" outfit and steps into his Santa suit.
We did decorate for Christmas this afternoon, I love all the little lights and want to hang the whole house with them (on the inside so I can actually enjoy it, without getting cold)
But it seems that most of my light strands have decided that being couped up in a plastic bin for eleven months is not that much fun and they rebelled against me by not working!
And on another note, even when taken the most care by winding them all neatly, why do these things want to tangle up in one big bunch? where is the Christmas light inventor when you need him?
So for all those handy people out there, we need Christmas lights that light up when put in the appropriate outlet at any given time of the year (sometimes hanging them outside in the summer is fun also) and how about inventing tangle free lights while you are at it?
Oh and when I have to ask for one more, please give us suction cups that actually suck! My little snowflakes at work won't stay up because the cups don't suck (oops, that does sound kinda dirty)

On the crafty front, I have been busy with making little gifts and while I still not have started on Christmas cards, they are going to be send out soon (promise)

In the mean time, I missed calling my parents on skype this weekend, and I do hope opa was not taken to Spain by Sinterklaas en Zwarte piet because he was "lief ondeugend"

Look I have the proof, he is never ever mischievous, ever!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Official BURLESQUE Trailer - In Theaters 11/24

OK, I know I have said this about other movies, but this one is the best EVER.
Oh, and I wish I had a figure so I could wear some of those costumes! (hey, a girl can dream....)