Friday, May 25, 2012


It was time for the annual Trod today, the weather was perfect for walking. Overcast and a bit chilly if you sit or stand still but great for walking miles and miles around the field. It always is a fun (and exhausting) event for the kids, parents and the teachers. 
Needless to say I am pooped, my legs hurt not to mention my feet. To top the day off DS and I went grocery shopping. Kinda had to because there was not a crumb of food left in the house.
On our way home we stopped by one of the twenty or so fruit stands that opened this week along our way home and bought a nice big bag of cherries.
I think we already ate half before dinner, sooooooo gooooooood!

 I met Johnny today! hah.
 And Thirsty?? Me??
Also did some really nice dancing, just to embarrassed the heck out of my teenage son, who was helping out at one of the carnival booths. He started his community service for High School, so proud that he is now working with me in his spare time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

About Socks and Snakes

Two weekends ago, the weekend that we celebrate Mothers day, a whole bunch of us "women-who-knit-socks" went for our weekend retreat at Discovery bay. It was lovely! Just what I needed after a really bad week at work. 
Turns out the boys did not miss me at all (yeah!) and had a big box of chocolate waiting for me when I came home that Sunday afternoon.
I can't believe only two more weeks of school/work and then it is Summer break. Those last days at school always go very quick and are very, very busy (and that is even an understatement) but it seams like this year with the schools going out even earlier that ever, due to budget cuts, everything goes in a whirlwind. 
Everything that needs to be done after we finished testing is crammed in those two weeks.

 Paco does not care a bit, he is just ever the lazy Llama. He might come over to sniff my hands (hey, I might have brought over a nice and juicy apple) or he is happy frolicking in the weeds, those are high and he likes to hide in them.

 At the retreat we all modeled our Break-it-up socks that Megpie so lovingly knit for us. Pattern link here, go ahead knit a pair, the pattern is free! I am going to knit a pair just for me!

 With the weather warmer and more Ground squirrels and Gophers to snack on the snakes are plenty full in our back yard. Yesterdays count was 4, one of them slithered underneath the deck.
Oh, and I even touched one! It is kinda fun to see them go in a hole and predict what hole they appear from next.

We also saw some snake love going on, very cool!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

snake love

It is snake central in the back of our house these two days. We are thinking love is in the air........

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May day

It is May already! Testing at school is in full swing, of course I have to have a nice cold just to keep things interesting.

The Chickens (and duck) always cheer me up, so here you go, chicken pics!

 Oh, and Jeremy wants me to come outside for some treats and I discovered he loves to be brushed. Who knew.